how to make a christmas cracker

:: by Lizzie


Hi guys, I’ve been getting a little bit crafty in the lead up to Christmas and I wanted to share with you one of the things I’ve been making – Christmas Crackers! Having launched my Lizzie for SMUG collection this year, I thought it would be nice to use my wrapping papers to make something special for Christmas. Here I’ll take you through the making process, step-by-step, explaining all you’ll need to make your very own Christmas Crackers. It’s pretty easy and very satisfying, so if you have time, give it a go and let me know how you get on.


You will need:

Wrapping paper

3 loo rolls

Cracker snappers

Double sided sticky tape

String or ribbon




Gifts/hat/joke to fill your cracker with


First you’ll need to cut out some 30 cm x 20 cm pieces of paper. I used my own Lizzie for SMUG papers in ‘Life Drawing‘ and ‘Patio‘. The thinner the paper, the easier job you’ll have tying the ends but having slightly thicker paper does look and feel more classy in my opinion.






Measure 10 cm from each end (assuming you have 10 cm loo rolls – if you have longer ones, then you’ll need to calculate the amount of paper left over either end when you place your loo roll in the centre along the 30 cm top edge) Score two lines top to bottom along these measurements and fold, then unfold the paper along the lines.






Now it’s time to add your cracker snapper. This is the most important bit! A cracker that doesn’t snap isn’t a cracker at all. I bought my snappers on ebay. Just type in ‘cracker snappers’ and select the number you’d like to purchase. Here I’m sticking mine down with a little bit of double sided sticky tape along the top 30 cm edge of the paper.




You’ll now need to grab your loo rolls. 3 in total. Line them up along the top edge one after another and get rolling.








This is the fiddliest bit but it’s very doable. You need to grab some string (I used yellow and white salami string), place it around your cracker at the point the first two loo rolls touch, and start pulling. You want to edge the two loo rolls away from each other slightly and have the string pull the paper tightly together so the paper is pinched and you can tie a knot with the string, making a traditional cracker shape.






Once you’re happy with your shape you can tie your bow, cut off the excess string and take out the left hand loo roll. The two end loo rolls are only there to help with getting the right shape. It’s just the middle one that stays in the finished cracker.




Now it’s time to fill your cracker with whatever goodies you’d like to (that will fit!) I went for some Gold Wire ClipsMast Brother Chocolate and a HAY nail Cli By all means include a joke and a hat too.










You then need to do the same with the string at this end to close up the cracker. When that’s is done you can remove this end’s loo roll too. And vola! Your very own bespoke cracker. Repeat the process for each guest at your Christmas table. I used two different papers that complimented each other so that I could make half with one paper and half with the other and lay them the finished crackers on the table alternately at the place settings. You can even personalise them further by adding the name of each guest on the cracker, using the cracker as a place name for your table. The world is your cracker/oyster! Happy Christmas you creative bunch. x