5 things to update your dressing table

:: by Lizzie


Blue Star Vase  |  Brass Hexagon Vase  |  Wooden Owl  |  Time Turner  |  Golden Tray


My dressing table is often a complete mess. It’s that special place in our flat where everything I leave around the place gets dumped each time we do a bit of a tidy up. Part of the problem is that I leave a trail of paperwork wherever I go (which inevitably gets piled up there untill I deal with it properly), but it’s also simply the case that I have a lot of stuff! I’m trying to be more organised about how I store my makeup, jewellery, sunglasses, toiletries and everything else that lives in my dressing table. There have been several visits to Muji for the correct sized compartments for each drawer depending on need and it’s made a huge difference to how I access, use and enjoy my things. There’s certainly more to do – my sunglasses drawer is the most in need of clearing and reorganising. I have an epic number of pairs. They’re my go-to item to update an outfit. I keep mine cheap and cheerful which feeds my addiction, so they’re mostly from Topshop and Urban Outfitters. I’m thinking once I’m done I might do a bit of a ‘How I Organise My dressing Table’ video. But as a bit of encouragement to myself at this interim stage, I thought I’d throw together some lovely and in some cases even practical bits that would look rather fetching on top of my soon to be cleared and organised dressing table. Hopefully you’ll find some of them pleasing/inspiring/useful/covetable.


Star Vase by Lenneke Wispelwey  //  It’s always nice to have a little sprig of something living on the dressing table and this petite vase fits a small piece of foliage perfectly. You can even go for something long lasting such as eucalyptus to make life extra easy.

Brass Hexagon Vase by Ferm Living  //  I’m thinking this brass number could be great for my makeup brushes, lip and eye pencils. Or even for a tall pile of those circular cotton pads I use to take my eye makeup off with.

Wooden Owl by Matt Pugh  //  A reminder to try to be patient and endeavour to be wise.

Time Turner by HAY  //  This timer measures 15 minutes and that’s how long I’m going to try to start meditating in the morning a couple of times a week. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Small Gold Tray by HAY  //  This would be perfect for my rings, other jewellery bits or even bobby pins and hairbands. Can you tell I’m still into brass?


What do you think? Any of these float your boat? I’d love to know your tips for organising your dressing table/vanity/bed-side-table. What do you keep in yours?