5 things to brighten up your dining table

:: by Lizzie


Vase  |  Yellow Tumbler  |  Quartz Bowls  |  Blue and Gold Dot Glasses  |  Coral Candlestick


Spring is finally here and I’m very much in the mood for freshening up the flat. The bigger jobs on the list include blinds for the bedroom, a tiled hearth for the living room and a complete overhaul of the spare room. I’ll keep you posted on all of those as I’m sure they’ll be lovely once they’re done but they’re all pretty time consuming and aren’t satisfying my need for quick-fix spring updates and refreshes for the flat. So, I thought I’d put together a little inspiration/wish-list of gorgeous products that would lift your dining room and will get you in the mood for spring. Whether you’re entertaining friends, spoiling your roomie/significant other with a yummy dinner, or pulling together leftovers from yesterday’s meal, these are the dining room pieces that will lift your spirits and bring a bit of snaz to your table.


Long John Vase by Lenneke Wispelwey  //  As you know, Lenneke Wispelwey is a huge favourite of mine, and this tall vase design actually works just as well as a water carafe for two. It’s a great dinner table multi-tasker. The perfect home for a single flower as well as a lovely vessel to store and pour your water or wine from.

Yellow Tumbler by Scholten & Baijings  //  This tumbler is utter perfection. Part of me feels like the Scholten & Baijings 1616 collection is almost too lovely to use and should be kept on display nice and safe on the shelf. But the other part thinks that beautiful things should be enjoyed. Any single piece from this collection will lift your dining table to design heaven. I’m a sucker for yellow so this piece is my fave right now.

Quartz Drinking Bowls by Jars Ceramicist  //  Planning on serving tea or coffee after din-dins? These little drinking bowls are terribly sophisticated (don’t you know?) and will chic your table right up. They also double as great dipping bowls for soy sauce or whatever else you’re dipping your dinner into.

Blue Gradient and Gold Dot Low Water Glasses by HAY  //  As usual HAY is just smashing it and their gradient and gold dot glassware is high up on my must-have list. They’re just dreamy! The perfect water glass in my opinion.

Kutter Candlestick by HAY  //  The Kutter Candlestick is now available in coral and is a must-buy for me this season. It’s so bright and so right. I’ve been meaning to start using candle-light in the evenings more. We have a nice collection of scented candles which I really enjoy, but none of those simple white tall candlesticks or tea lights to create that lovely glow of an evening. This bad boy takes both. Maybe it’s time to invest.


What do you brighten up your dining table with? Or are you more of a TV dinners kinda person? Is there a particular glass, mug or cup that you particularly love to drink out of? My brother always uses soup spoons, never dessert spoons. Each to his own! :)