podcast episode no. 42 – growing through lockdown with Liz Mosley

:: by Lizzie




In this episode I talk to Liz Mosley, all about building a sustainable business that works for her. She’s a graphic designer (and mum) and her business, which she runs part time, has really grown over this past year. Yes, this past year – 2020.


We talk about the juggle and both share about how lockdown life has looked for our working families. We talk about finding space within that for ourselves. And! We talk all about Liz’s brilliant new podcast, ‘Building Your Brand’. Thanks as always for listening and huge thanks to Liz for the episode. It was great to catch up!




S H O W   N O T E S :


Liz’s Website – www.lizmosley.net

Liz on Instagram – www.instagram.com/lizmmosley

Liz’s GIF Course – www.lizmosley.net

Liz’s Podcast – The ‘Building Your Brand’ Podcast

My new course, ‘Get Ready to Wholesale’ – www.lizzieforsmug.com

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