podcast episode no. 33 with Naomi Mdudu – how to curate your life

:: by Lizzie




Welcome back to my podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’. Episode no. 33 with Naomi Mdudu has literally been life changing for me. Listening back now, having recorded the interview with Naomi in 2019 (before her baby Atlas was born), I’m aware that so much has changed. And yet the words we speak have had such a huge impact in my life and work and have led to those very impactful changes. Huge thanks to Naomi for being such a loving and inspiring friend and to you guys for your continued support with the podcast. It makes me very happy that you seem to get so much out of each episode. This one, I believe, is full to the brim with amazing advice and mindset challenges. I hope you enjoy it and are changed by it. Thanks as always for listening, Lizzie x



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Naomi’s Website, The Lifestyle Edit – www.thelifestyleedit.com

Naomi’s Instagram, The Lifestyle Edit – www.instagram.com/thelifestyleedit

Naomi’s Thrive Mastermind – www.thelifestyleedit.com/thrive-mastermind