podcast episode no. 29 – the one where i tell you that SMUG is closing

:: by Lizzie


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So it’s time to fill you in on some big news for me, my business and my family. I have decided that after more than 10 years of having a bricks and mortar store, that I am ready to close 13 Camden Passage and focus on new and exciting aspects of my business. Founding and running SMUG has been completely wonderful and I’ve been so fortunate to have my dream job for over a decade. I have decided though after lots of reflection, that I’m ready for new challenges and am excited for a different work life balance over the next decade of my life. There are so many things that I do and want to grow, that it feels the right moment to let the biggest thing go. I want to do this in order to spend more time on the smaller, newer elements of what I do. These things I have realised that I am so very passionate about. Please do listen to the podcast episode below to hear me talk this big decision through with you and catch you up on my plans for SMUG and for myself.


SMUG won’t be closing until the end of January 2020 so you still have lots of time to do your Christmas shopping and to come say hi. We’d really love to see you at this special and pivotal time. Thanks for reading and listening as ever and speak very soon, Lizzie x