podcast episode no.26 with Lisa Stickley – how to curate your life

:: by Lizzie




Designer, author, illustrator and SMUG fave and alumn, Lisa Stickley, joins me for a catch up and a walk down memory lane. Her story is so important to hear and I’m very grateful to her for sharing it with us. It’s a huge reminder that as creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, our careers and purposes often shift and flex. Sometimes in ways that feel negative at the time. Lisa is so utterly resilient which is inspiring in itself. But her story also teaches that if we’re able to be open to change and able to accept seasons coming to an end, there are so many opportunities to flow into. It’s okay to do different things and Lisa shows that whatever skill she is focusing on, she very much does it to her own personal style and brand and her values come through. It’s who she is.


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