podcast episode no. 21 with Cate St Hill – how to curate your life

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Happy New Year! I hope you were able to have a rest over Christmas and New Years and, having taken stock, are excited for 2019. On that subject while I have you here – if you’d like to do any work together on reflecting on 2018 and setting some achievable and nurturing goals for 2019, then there are still a few tickets available for my Goal Setting Workshop on Saturday 12th January upstairs at SMUG. Find out more here if you’re interested in joining with me in spending an hour and a half focusing on being more intentional this year and learning how you can best set some habits, intentions and goals that will help you make the coming months as positive and full of growth and ultimately contentment as possible.


The big news for today is that the ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entreprenuer’ podcast is back for the new year with an interview with Cate St Hill. Cate is a design and interiors writer, blogger, stylist and consultant, focusing on simple design for the everyday.


This episode is a nice chilled one that will hopefully get you inspired for refocussing on ‘curating your life’ for 2019. We talk about how the type of work we do, the spaces we work in and the way we manage our own deadlines and pressures effect our quality of life. We talk about anxiety and how in some cases it can be your body and mind telling you that you need to make a change in the way that you structure your life and often your work life.


I find the way Cate has curated her life hugely inspiring and impressive. I feel she’s reminded me how much I want to prioritise writing this year, how I want more time and space for myself and working ‘alone’ and that I need to be constantly reminding myself that I set the vast majority of my own deadlines and that I could choose to be more flexible and kind to myself within that. I hope you find something helpful to take away from our conversation. Huge thanks to Cate for her time, wisdom and insights and for the beautiful content she is creating online that I enjoy looking at on a daily basis. Check out the show notes below for the link to her Instagram and some other bits. Thanks as always for reading and listening! Lizzie x





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