podcast episode no. 18 with Lily Pebbles – how to curate your life

:: by Lizzie


Photography by Sussex food and lifestyle photographer Emma Croman


This week the podcast is back with an interview with online content creator Lily Pebbles. Lily has been blogging for over 8 years now and has seen the development of many a social media platform. Her lifestyle content now spans YouTube, Instagram, twitter, her blog www.lilypebbles.com, her podcast with fellow online content creator and friend Anna Newton, her book The F Word and even more I’m sure. She has had a lot going on over the last year or so particularly with the renovation of her new home among other things. We talk self employment, work life balance, what it was like back when blogging was new and the reality of a career in online content creation today. We talk about the future and what’s next for Lily – huge congrats Lily on your pregnancy! Find links to learn more about Lily below. I really enjoyed recording with Lily and hugely appreciated her openness and honestly. I hope you find it helpful too. Lizzie x


S H O W  N O T E S :


www.lilypebbles.co.uk – Lily’s website

www.instagram.com – Lily’s Instagram

www.youtube.com – Lily’s Youtube

itunes.apple.com – At Home With… Lily and Anna’s Podcast

www.the-smuggler.com – Episode no.1 with Anna Newton

www.gleamfutures.com – Lily’s Management

www.lizzieforsmug.com – Grow Your Brand Grow Coaching Programme

The F Word – Lily’s Book

www.ifeelsmug.com – Goal Setting Journal

www.trouva.com/lists My Trouva.com NEW IN wishlist

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