podcast episode no.14 with Sarah Akwisombe – how to curate your life

:: by Lizzie




Hello lovely people. What a week! If you get my Lizzie for SMUG newsletter for creative entrepreneurs (you can sign up if you scroll to the bottom of my site here), you’ll know there’s been lots going on for me. I’m feeling sort of back on track, but still tonnes going on and a lot to juggle.


Firstly, I have a new podcast episode for you. It’s with Sarah Akwisombe who I’m a big fan of. I’ve known Sarah for quite a while now and consider her a friend in ‘the industry’. She’s wicked. She knows what she likes, knows what she thinks and isn’t afraid to shout about it which I love. She’s also a sweetie which you might not really realise until you meet her in real life and spend time with her. Sarah is shit hot at knowing her brand and growing her business and helps others do the same through her No Bull Business School – all links below in the show notes. I took one of Sarah’s courses a while back and got a lot out of it.


I really enjoyed recording with her and found listening back and editing our episode pretty inspiring. We talk about being ‘strong women’ who know ourselves, what it’s like working with your husband, the phycology around money and tonnes more. I hope it’s one you enjoy. I think you will. I pretty sure that I’m right in saying it wont be the last time you her mine and Sarah’s voices together – I really enjoy working with her and hope to do so again soon.



S H O W  N O T E S :


www.sarahakwisombe.com Sarah’s Website

@sarahakwisombe Sarah’s Instagram

www.nobullbusinessschool.com The No Bull Business School

www.sarahakwisombe.com/blog/interview Sarah’s interview with me for her blog

You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money Book by Jen Sincero

www.lizzieforsmug.com/smug-events My Goal Setting Workshop

www.trouva.com/stories/ Me Myself and I Trouva interview with me talking wellness

www.trouva.com/lists My ‘How I Curate My Home’ wish list on Trouva

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