podcast episode no.10 with Naomi Mdudu – how to curate your life

:: by Lizzie




It’s very nearly time to wrap up season one of my podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’. We couldn’t go out with a better interview in my opinion. Naomi is hugely inspiring and is offering so much to creative entrepreneurs that I feel very happy to introduce you to her (if you don’t know her already). I really suggest you spend time reading her website ‘The Lifestyle Edit – Toolkit for Creative Working Women’, listening to her podcast and signing up to her amazingly insightful and generously personal newsletter also for creative entrepreneurs.


Of course I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank to Naomi and also to you guys. I had no idea when I originally set out to create this podcast, how many of you would not only end up listening and finding the content helpful and inspiring but also the number of you who would regularly get in touch to let me know that and share the podcast with your friends and followers. I am so grateful to you all. Thank you, thank you. I have felt so inspired myself by the process of bringing this podcast to you and the conversations we’ve had together. You can listen to this weeks episode to hear more about what’s next for me, the podcast and how we can continue to stay in touch and grow what we’ve built together until season two launches in the spring of 2018. The current plan is to record a solo episode to wrap the whole season up so do keep your eyes open for episode no.11 coming to you next week :) Until then, Lizzie





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