podcast episode no.1 with Anna Newton – how to curate your life

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How to Curate Your Life podcast episode 1 with Anna Newton interviewed by Lizzie Evans


It’s here! The first episode of my podcast, ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’ is now available to listen to here. This episode, the first of a season of 10 episodes launching every Tuesday morning until late November, was an absolute joy to record. It was the very first one I recorded and I knew from the begging that I wanted Anna Newton of theannaedit.com to be my first guest.


I’ve admired Anna from afar (not in a creepy way, just in a ‘she’s so great and puts up content I love’ kind of way) for a couple of years now. I remember the moment I found her, having typed ‘skincare routine’ into google after deciding that, as I was in my 30s and not taking care of my skin, it was about time I sorted myself out. Anna was exactly what I needed. I’d never watched a youtuber or really followed a blogger before so Anna was also my entry point into a world and network of inspiring and creative women making it as entrepreneurs in the beauty and lifestyle world, which was exciting in itself.


How to Curate Your Life podcast episode 1 with Anna Newton interviewed by Lizzie Evans


I have loved working on the podcast for you guys. Finding the best aligned guests for the show, discussing topics with them that I think you will find helpful and editing the episodes as well as recording my own intros and outros which aim to highlight and unpack the most helpful takeaways from the conversation in my eyes. All with the intention that you get the absolute most out of the experience, wisdom and honestly of my guests. I really hope you enjoy this first episode. Please do follow Anna on Instagram, twitter and YouTube. She’s an absolute peach and is full of productivity advice, meal prep inspiration, capsule wardrobe goals and travel tips as well as her great advice when it comes to beauty. You can also sign up to her weekly newsletter ‘An Edited Life’ here.


If you’re not already subscribed to the podcast please please do :) and if you wouldn’t mind reviewing it that would be absolutely amazing as it’s the best way for more people to see the podcast and for the ‘How to Curate Your Life’ community to grow. I’d love to know your thoughts too so please do get in touch either by commenting here or on my instgram post of Anna which relates to this episode. Thanks again for all your support. Happy listening!



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How to Curate Your Life podcast episode 1 with Anna Newton interviewed by Lizzie Evans


Photos by Lauren Shipley