5 summer staples for a city girl’s wardrobe

:: by Lizzie


As you know, I’m a city girl through and through, and although I like a nice summer hols by the pool or on the beach, I spend the most part rushing around London. I’m very lucky to get to make annual trips to New York, Paris and Amsterdam for sourcing purposes and often visit these cities in the summer months. So, I thought it might be worth pulling together a post on how I dress for cities in the summer. This week in London we’ve had blazing sunshine and torrential downpours. We’ve had daytime highs of 25 and lows of 12. When I travel to European cities it’s often a similar story, and don’t even get me started on the inconsistencies of New York weather in September! So, along with the extra pressure of fitting everything into a carry-on, it’s hard to know what to pack.


This post focuses on my suggestions of 5 key pieces for any city gal in the summer, whether at home or abroad. Layering is of course the one when it comes to managing the changes in temperature, and breathable, quick drying, stretchy fabrics that don’t crease, massively help out with the occasional soggy spells and with packing it all into your case. Take a look below and let me know what you’d add to the mix. What are your summer city staples?







T H E  O V E R S I Z E D  T E E  :

Effortless, cool, versatile and able to cover a multitude of sins, the oversized tee is the perfect summer city staple. The roomy fit of this style of tee is super comfy and sets the right tone for a relaxed summer city look. Smarten up by layering on a duster jacket or tucking into a high waisted pencil skirt. Dress down by pairing with your favourite boyfriend fit jeans – these are mine. My most worn tee colour-ways are solid athletic grey – I have several of this one from American Apparel, and navy/white Breton stripes. I’ve collected a fair few Breton tees over the years. You can never have too many Bretons! Topshop and Urban Outfitters are well worth a look if you’re on the hunt for one.


T H E  S T R E T C H  C O T T O N  P E N C I L  S K I R T  :

I like mine high waisted, finishing below the knee, with a slit up the back and in stretch cotton. I get them cheap as chips from asos.com The sillouette of a tight pencil skirt with an oversized tee works so well for a laid-back but sexy, city summer look. The stretch cotton is not only comfy, soft against your skin and unlikely to crease, but really breathable in the heat and flattering too. If you’ve got the waist for it, try with a cropped tee or vest to show a little more skin.


T H E  D U S T E R  J A C K E T  :

My go-to signature piece, a duster jacket does not only pull a whole city summer look together, but can actually become the whole look all by itself. My BDG denim duster does a great job of pulling things together and is a handy extra layer for when the evening chill arrives. The more creased/distressed/worn it becomes, the softer and chicer it looks and feels. My Pippa Lynn patterned duster below on the other hand is a complete show stopper and when you pop it over whatever you’re wearing it essentially becomes the whole look. Lightweight, uncreasable, machine washable and so pretty that you feel amazing as soon as you through it on, it’s my favourite summer layer.


T H E  S T U R D Y  S A N D A L S  :

Once it’s too hot for trainers then the sandals come out, but what are the right city sandals? I love a nice pair of jellies and am very partial to a pair of woven tan leather sandals but my favourite city sandal shape is the slightly platformed thick leather strap look. Think practical Harajuku sandals. The thick straps mean they don’t slip off your feet when rushing around and the platform is enough to keep your tootsies a little further from the grubby streets. They’re still summery sandals for sure, but a little more city friendly than some of their counterparts. Mine are from Pull and Bear.


T H E  C R O S S  B O D Y  H A N D B A G  :

When rushing around the city, be it in and out of meetings and back and fourth to the shop, or getting time to explore a new place, I like to have a wee cross body bag on hand for the important stuff. Keeping my phone, keys, wallet, sunnies and sometimes passport close by works for me and a stylish leather cross body is my top choice for this. I love M Hulot‘s whole collection but here’s my edit of the best cross bodies. I tend to have a SMUG tote with me too which I throw larger items into should I need them but often a little leather handbag is all I need. Now here’s where I cheat a little and tell you that a floaty, patterned, cotton summer dress would have to be my number 6 on the list. Have I missed anything else? What staples would you add?