podcast episode no. 36 – manifesting with victoria jackson

:: by Lizzie


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Welcome back to the podcast. Season 4 kicked off with a boom last week with my solo show all about Values and this week I’m back with an interview episode on Manifestation with the brilliant Victoria Jackson. I bloody love this woman!

She’s a Manifestation and Business Coach and expert on all things motivation and mindset. She also happens to be a brilliant writer (thank her previous career) so her blog is full of resources on these subject too. Check out the show notes below for the links you’ll need to find out more and get to know Victoria better.

This episode was such a joy to record (and edit and listen back to). Thank you Victoria! I thought you guys might find it interesting to hear two Money Mindset/Manifestation Coaches taking through what all this manifestation and money mindset stuff really means to us and looks like for us. You’ll hear a lot about our beliefs, teaching and values in this episode and you’ll also hear two women who really respect each other having a conversation that inspires and fills us both up. My hope is that spills over and inspires you. Thanks for listening, Lizzie x


S H O W    N O T E S  :


Victoria’s Website – www.themanifestationcollective.co

Victoria’s Instagram – www.instagram.com/themanifestationcollective

Join her Facebook community (I have!) – www.facebook.com/groups/themanifestationcollective

The 5 Principles of Manifestation for Beginners – themanifestationcollective.co/manifestation

Victoria’s Interiors Blog, Apartment Number 4 – www.apartmentnumber4.com

Join me for my FREE Values Workshop / Group Coaching Call on Zoom – www.lizzieforsmug.com/values-workshop

The Wait List Is OPEN – ‘Up-Level Your Money Mindset with Me’ – www.lizzieforsmug.com/coaching



podcast episode no. 35 – know and live your values

:: by Lizzie


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My podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’ is back with its fourth season and it feels great to be back recording for you. I have several interview episodes with amazing women ‘in the can’ that I’m so looking forward to sharing with you.

But this first episode is a solo show. You may have heard my bonus ‘lockdown’ episode speaking about how I’ve been up-levelling my mindset during lockdown and I’ve so much more to share with you.

This episode we are talking Values. After the bonus episode (check out the show notes for the link if you’ve not heard it yet) I received more requests then ever to dive deeper into what I mean by ‘Values’, why it’s worth having them, how to work out what yours are and how to go about living by them. So in this episode we get right into that. I also catch you up on how my Money Mindset journey is going, the break throughs I’ve had so far and what I’m working on currently to continue to work towards financial abundance.

S H O W   N O T E S :

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‘Up-Level Your Mindset with Me’ – My 8 Week Group Coaching Programme

Know and Live Your Values – FREE Group Coaching Call – Get your seat on the call here

‘Grow Your Brand’ Group Coaching Programme, the Growth Mindset Edition

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