podcast episode no.13 with Lola Hoad – how to curate your life

:: by Lizzie


Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma Gutteridge


So this is the one where Lola essentially gives me a coaching session! I found creative business coach and ‘One Girl Band’, Lola Hoad, so inspiring to talk to. I also felt that we really agreed on so much when it comes to knowing yourself, being yourself and caring for yourself. I hope you guys enjoy this one. Lola is fantastic and you can follow the links below if you’re left wanting more (which I’m sure you will be). Huge thanks to Lola for coming on and for encouraging me to keep doing what I love and what excites me.



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www.lolahoad.co.uk (Lola’s website)

www.onegirlband.co.uk (Lola’s CoWorking space)

One Girl Band the podcast (Lola’s podcast)

10 Ways to Cope with Anxiety (my blogpost on my experience of anxiety)

The Multi Hyphen Method (Emma Gannon’s recent book)

Curate Your Life CoWorking upstairs at SMUG

www.trouva.com (use the offer code SMUG at checkout for 10% off)

@wearetrouva (for lust-worthy retail interiors)




podcast episode no.12 – life update and launch of season 2

:: by Lizzie



‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’ is back! I am so very excited to launch Season 2 at last. Thank you so much for all of your encouraging messages about season 1 and for letting me know that you’ve been looking forward to season 2. Your support has been really overwhelming. I’m so pleased that you found season 1 interesting, helpful and even inspiring. Huge thanks for listening and of course to my guests from season 1 and now season 2 as well! Thank you too for your patience. I know it’s taken a while to get season 2 launched (having a baby slowed me down) but I really hope you’ll enjoy season 2’s interviews (and having me back in your podcast playlist on a Tuesday morning).


I’m afraid this episode is just me though guys. No interview this week. Hope that’s okay!? I really felt like so much had happened that it might be a bit weird for me to just crack on with interviewing one of our season 2 guests without talking to you a bit about what’s happening with me. I asked on Instagram if you had any questions you’d like me to cover and so much of what came back were questions about being a mum, my new perspective on work life balance, if I’m fitting in any self care and how I’m essentially juggling everything, that I thought I’d better record a Life Update episode for you. Apologies if this isn’t so much your bag – next week I’ll be putting out an interview I loved recording with a special guest – but for now, it’s just me and you kid. Let’s catch up!


In this episode I share what I’ve been up to over the last several months, how I’m balancing work and baby whilst trying to stay healthy and inspired, what I’m finding hard to keep up with and feel like I might be failing you on, but also the exciting projects I’m working on and want to share with you as well as how I’m dealing with the sleep deprivation that comes with living with a 6 month old.


I also share the news that Trouva, the home of independent boutiques online, is the sponsor of season 2 of the podcast. Trouva is the perfect site to peruse for inspiration on How To Curate Your Home. Something as you know, I feel very passionate about. Thank you so much to Trouva.com for sponsoring season 2 of the podcast.


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Trouva.com/ifeelsmug (Trouva – use offer code SMUG at checkout for 10% off)

The Lifestyle Edit – Naomi Mdudu (my business coach)

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