3rd trimester favourites

:: by Lizzie
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Okay, so I’m back with my 3rd trimester favourites! :) Sorry for the big gap. The baby came a whole month early which meant I didn’t manage to record the video for you before we were off to the hospital. After some time there, we arrived back home and have been focussing on learning how to be new parents. The good news though (as well as the fact that the baby is happy, healthy and here), is that this video is finally here too and that I’m back recording weekly videos. Have a watch below and keep your eyes open for next week’s video which is my birth story.


Thanks so much as always for reading and watching. I’d love it if you gave the video a thumbs up and/or subscribed to be sure you have next week’s video and all future videos, land in your YouTube feed. Hope you’re all really well and that you find this video and the links below helpful and/or interesting. It’s so nice to be back!



F A V O U R I T E S :

What I’m wearing – Miro Top

Asos dungarees – www.asos.com

Asos skinny jeans – www.asos.com

Toast trousers – www.toa.st

ABCDEFEMME Tee – No longer available

New Look Maternity – www.newlook.com

Asos harem joggers (similar) – www.asos.com

Asos maternity tights – www.asos.com

COS dresses – www.cosstores.com

Mamas and Papas pregnancy and nursing pillow – www.mamasandpapas.com

The Life Centre – www.thelifecentre.com

Katrina Berry Hypnobirthing – www.katrinaberry.co.uk


SMUG website – www.ifeelsmug.com

Lizzie for SMUG website – www.lizzieforsmug.com

Blog – www.the-smuggler.com

Podcast – How To Curate Your Life – www.lizzieforsmug.com/podcast

Instagram link – @ifeelsmug


Pregnancy YouTube Playlist – www.youtube.com

Portrait by Fiona Murray for Mollie Makes Magazine