podcast episode no.7 with Donna Wilson – how to curate your life

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Episode no. 7 of my podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’ is with the wonderful Donna Wilson. I’ve known Donna through the design/retail/wholesale world for yonks and as well as being a brilliant and original designer with a successful business and career, she is a lovely, down to earth, humble and encouraging women and mother.


In this weeks episode you’ll hear all about how her business started and grew, what she’s struggled with and learnt over the years, how she’s developed what she does and curated her life to work better for her, her business and her family and her advice for those starting out on a creative career.



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As you can imagine it was a pleasure to record with Donna and I think and hope that you’ll find listening to her story and encouraging words both interesting and inspiring. Thanks so much as always for listening guys. I’m still loving recording these episodes for you and I really hope you’re still enjoying them. If there are specific topics you’d like me to cover or even people you’d like me to interview please do get in touch – either in the comments below or through my instagram ifeelsmug.



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To listen to this week’s episode you can scroll to the bottom of this post and click play (you’ll find our show notes there too) or you can follow this link to the series on iTunes.


Thank you, thank you. Have wonderful and inspiring weeks and remember to take the space you need, where you can, to be still and quiet. I find that’s the time that things I’ve been worrying about or working hard on fall into place. Lizzie :)



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podcast episode no.6 with Emma Sibley – how to curate your life

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Whoop whoop! Episode no.6 of my podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’ is here. I loved recording this episode for you as it meant I got to have a proper catch up with Emma Sibley and visit her new London Terrariums shop. FYI, it’s beautiful – see below.


This episode is about having an idea, committing to it, working hard and seeing it grow, all whilst trying to go with the flow. We talk about how London Terrariums first started, what it’s become, what growing the business looked like on a day-to-day basis for Emma and how things are continuing to progress now.


Emma knows loads of cool creatives who we mention in the episode so make sure you check out the show notes below for links and details on those brilliant folk too.


Thank you as always so much for listening. I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I can’t thank you enough for all of the encouraging messages relating to the podcast. It’s so wonderful that it’s resonating with you and I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you, thank you, 100 times thank you.


You can scroll all the way to the bottom of this post and click play to listen to the episode or follow this link to iTunes. If you fancied subscribing on iTunes that would be amazing – you could even leave a review or rate the podcast :) – as this is the best way for others to find the podcast and grow our HTCYL community. You’re the best! Lizzie x








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YMC – youmustcreate.com

Isabel + Helen – isabelandhelen.com

Sophie Sellu – grainandknot.com

Spread Supper Clubs – spreadlondon.co.uk

Emma’s first book – Urban Botanics : An Indoor Plant Guide for Modern Gardeners

Emma’s second book – The Little Book of Cacti

Grow London – houseandgardenfestival.com

Adidas Meets the Creatives – link coming soon








podcast episode no.5 with Emma Gannon – how to curate your life

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I can’t quite believe it! We’re halfway through season 1 of my podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’. Time is flying by, which as I say, means we’re at our halfway point. This in turn means that it’s time for my episode with podcast queen Emma Gannon!


Emma, if you don’t already know, is an author and podcaster, among many other things. She’s written for pretty much every newspaper under the sun and has had exciting and creative jobs at various magazines and marketing agencies too. In 2015/16 she wrote a book, Ctrl Alt Del, and is now working on her second. She is famous in the podcast world for her podcast of the same title – Ctrl Alt Del, as well as her second and brand new podcast ‘Get it off Your Breasts’. I’d very much recommend both.


I met with Emma for the first time when the HTCYL podcast was just a twinkle in my eye and she filled me with info, inspiration and encouragement. It’s safe to say that without that, my podcast may have never made it to your earbuds. So thank you Emma. And thank you for coming on the show at this special halfway point and for sharing so openly and honestly with me and the HTCYL community.


We talk about saying no, time saving, burn out, celebrating the small wins, being yourself/doing you and so much more. I really hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as you have the previous 4. I’d like to say a huge thanks to those of you who have been in touch with feedback and encouragement, particularly on my solo episode. It’s so helpful to know that what I’m doing is resonating with many of you. Thank you for your support and as always, for listening. You can either scroll to the bottom of this blog post and click play or you can find this episode of the podcast on iTunes here. Show notes below as always. Speak soon, Lizzie x





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Ctrl Alt Del – The Book

Ctrl Alt Del – The podcast

Liz Gilbert – www.elizabethgilbert.com

Big Magic – The Book

Big Magic – The podcast

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Get it off Your Breast – The podcast

Seth Goden Episode – podcast episode

Islington Design District – www.islingtondesigndistrict.com

My experience with anxiety – www.the-smuggler.com




podcast episode no.4 Q&A with Lizzie Evans – how to curate your life

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You know those days when you’ve been working really hard on something you’re super proud of and it all falls apart? There’s a technical glitch and you lose everything? Computer says no. Or you are asked to speak on a panel and say the wrong thing and feel like a complete tit!? Sometimes it’s really hard to give yourself a break, find the best way forward and move on out of the mess. Episode no. 4 of my podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’ is entirely focused on this subject. Finding a positive outcome after disappointment or failure. 


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I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who got in touch with a question. Each question answered in the episode is listed below including the person’s instagram handle. Feel free to get in touch with each other to discus these topics further. Some people wrote really interesting and insightful questions and comments that you might want to feedback on yourself.


You can listen to the episode on iTunes here, or simply scroll to the bottom of this blog post and click play. Scroll down too for show notes. Thanks so much as always for listening. I’ll be back on Tuesday with a brand new interview based episode. Thanks for bearing with me this week.


Lizzie x


@ethicalcreature – What do you do on days where you run out of motivation or it all gets too much? I’m just starting out and sometimes it all gets a bit overwhelming.


@sarahstranguk – Moments of failure are often associated with the phrase “it’s how you deal with it” – what are three action points or series of steps in your creative process that represent for you, “dealing with it?”


@thesumofthings – I ‘tryyy’ to channel my frustration into something else worthwhile… also go out for a drink with friends, buy myself something small but lovely, eat really good food etc…


@quittingquince – Why is it that failure is perceived as a bad thing? And how can we REALLY manifest the mantra of “failing forward” or “failing is part of success”? I know all this in theory and I still struggle.


@thecoachingdiva – To cut a long story short, I moved to Melbourne and I had to wait for my visa for ages. I could only see limitations and I felt defeated until the day I made a conscious choice to see this situation in a positive light and focus on what I had control of. You cannot control whether or not you will fail but you can control your attitude. SO whilst I was waiting for my visa I designed notebooks and my business is launching in December. Try and see what doors the universe is opening for you rather than staring at the closed ones.


@matusbalogh – What was a lesson you learned from one of your failures that you then incorporated into your daily life?


@han_ratcliffe – Have you always felt creative and therefore felt justified to start SMUG? Growing up I have loved crafting, art and design and tried it all but don’t feel particularly good at one thing. I’d love to start a personal blog but my fear of a ‘lack of talent’ is holding me back… Loved your last podcast and looking forward to the next!


@laurenwelland – So sorry to hear about the files but this sounds like a great idea. My question would be – What’s the one thing that at the time felt like a big fail in your business but in fact turned into something positive?





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Glossier Haloscope in Quartz – www.glossier.com

Ottolenghi Islington – www.ottolenghi.co.uk

Sarah Akwisombe – www.nobullblogschool.com



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podcast episode no.3 with the Kennedys – how to curate your life

:: by Lizzie


podcast episode no.3 with the Kennedys - how to curate your life


Okay, so it’s time for episode no. 3 of my podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’. It’s been a rather exciting week round these parts due to iTunes including the podcast in their New & Noteworthy section and it making it into their top 40 charts. Thank you so much, as I’ve said a lot before I know, for listening. It’s really amazing (and a bit overwhelming) to see the How to Curate Your Life community grow. Thank you. The absolute best bit is getting messages from you guys to say that you’ve found something we’ve said helpful, encouraging or inspiring so thank you again so much to those of you who have been in touch. It means a lot and I’m so grateful to hear you’re enjoying the podcast. If you’ve not heard episodes 1 and 2 yet and you’d like a link to the series on iTunes that’s here. But for now, let’s get back to episode no. 3.


We’ve talked so far in the series, to successful and inspiring creative entrepreneurs, navigating their portfolio careers with a focus on that all important work life balance. But what does that look like if you’re two successful creative entrepreneurs, making up a couple and building family? Enter the Kennedys. Florence and James Kennedy are married, have a lovely new baby girl called Clover and a beautiful great dane named Huxley. Between them they have three family businesses – Kennedy City Bicycles, Petalon and The Old Dairy.


In this episode we talk all about how they make that work and what work life balance looks like when juggling all these exciting and time consuming creative entrepreneurial elements (including living on the site of one of their businesses) whilst still focusing on and enjoying their family. Big thanks to James and Florence for being on the podcast. You can scroll to the bottom of this post and hit play to hear the episode right now. And you can find the show notes below too. Thanks again for listening and speak soon.



podcast episode no.3 with the Kennedys - how to curate your life


S H O W  N O T E S :


The Future Laboratory – www.thefuturelaboratory.com

Florence’s Book – Flowers Every Day

All The Thing’s You Are Not Yet – Nick Mulvey

Kennedy City Bicycles – www.kennedycitybicycles.cc

Petalon – www.petalon.co.uk

The Old Dairy – www.kennedyandkennedy.co.uk



podcast episode no.3 with the Kennedys - how to curate your life


podcast episode no.3 with the Kennedys - how to curate your life


Photos by Jonathan Cherry / John Attenborough / India Hobson