m.hulot – the interview

:: by Lizzie
M.Hulot Garrad and Gia


We are very pleased to announce that, after 6 years of hunting for just the right leather goods label to fit the SMUG aesthetic, we have found M.Hulot!

M.Hulot is a London based bag and accessories label, founded by accessories designer Anna Kreeger. Born out of a longing for purity in design, the label is a direct response to the throw away culture of the mass-market and an antidote to heavily branded designer goods.


Influenced by the stylishly attired, fictional Frenchman, Monsieur Hulot, the label reflects his struggles with the modern world and its increasing pace. M.Hulot harks back to traditional craftsmanship, quality and classic styling.


I was lucky enough to catch up with Anna in her beautifully located studio (Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre) to hear more about her process and inspiration and to generally get all a bit excited about launching M.Hulot at SMUG.




Tell us a little bit about your background and how you started out in the design world.

M. Hulot began as I was obsessed by purity in design, but had ending up working on trend led stuff for high street stores. I originally studied Fashion Design in Birmingham but, having worked for labels as diverse as Ella Doran, Zakee Shariff and Kate Sheridan, became more interested in product design and attention to detail.


Have you always worked with leather? What is it that you like about it?

Having studied fashion I always worked with cloth and was interested in beautiful weaves, linens and cotton, so I think there is a direct link between these fabrics and the natural leathers that I use. I love the depth and variation in veg tan leather. It has such character! I also enjoy its ‘preciousness’ and ‘luxury’, albeit in an understated way.


Your bags are well known for having such beautiful tones and colours. If you had to choose one tone/colour to best represent you what would it be and why?

That’s a really tricky one! Our best selling bags have definitely been our Howe and Gia bags in yellow. I think the colour just grabs people’s attention and they turn a rich and lovely mustard tone over time. However, you can’t really beat tan coloured leather – all the different shades and the way it ages makes me swoon!




You have a growing number of shapes in your collection. What is your process and inspiration in creating these beautiful and classic looking bags?

Designing shapes is a very organic process. Over the season I’ll be constantly collecting ideas and taking things in, listening to customers and to friends, always on a quest for the perfect shape. I do love a practical day bag, so our new canvas styles are really important,  but our statement mini bags and clutches are our signature. They are bought as gifts a lot – that special something you wouldn’t always buy yourself. I keep both aspects in mind when designing.


Do you feel your work represents your personality?

Absolutely! I started M.Hulot as I was frustrated with not being able to express myself, designing for larger stores. M.Hulot as a whole is my vision and I hope this comes through in every aspect of the label, from the designs and the finished product through to the branding and social media.


If you had to choose one Smug product what would it be?

I am a sucker for classic enamel ware and particularly like the tumblers. That Pigeon Grey next to the Pillarbox Red makes my heart beat a little faster!


M.Hulot Gia and Howe bags are now available at SMUG both in store and online. Watch this space for new colours and additions to the collection. I think I’ll be going for one of the Gias or Howes in Yellow (obviously!) – decisions decisions.