podcast episode 43 – building a creative product based business with Sa Birchall

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I’m back with a new podcast episode for you. A couple of months ago I sat down (over Zoom) and recorded with Sa Birchall, founder of Cub & Pudding. We talk about her decision to leave her corporate job, her experience of building a creative product based business and the networks and systems she’s built around herself to support her in growing Cub & Pudding.
And of course . . . what this past year has felt and looked like for her and Cub & Pudding. Sa officially went full-time on her business in January 2020 and then, Covid. Yet Cub & Pudding is going from strength to strength (including adding adult pieces – hello gingham dress!). This week is Cub & Pudding’s 2nd birthday and Sa turns 40t as well. Happy Birthday Sa! Happy Birthday Pub & Pudding. You’re smashing it.

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Cub & Pudding website – cubandpudding.com

Cub & Pudding Instagram – @cubandpudding



podcast episode no. 42 – growing through lockdown with Liz Mosley

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In this episode I talk to Liz Mosley, all about building a sustainable business that works for her. She’s a graphic designer (and mum) and her business, which she runs part time, has really grown over this past year. Yes, this past year – 2020.


We talk about the juggle and both share about how lockdown life has looked for our working families. We talk about finding space within that for ourselves. And! We talk all about Liz’s brilliant new podcast, ‘Building Your Brand’. Thanks as always for listening and huge thanks to Liz for the episode. It was great to catch up!




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Liz’s Website – www.lizmosley.net

Liz on Instagram – www.instagram.com/lizmmosley

Liz’s GIF Course – www.lizmosley.net

Liz’s Podcast – The ‘Building Your Brand’ Podcast

My new course, ‘Get Ready to Wholesale’ – www.lizzieforsmug.com

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podcast episode no.41 – the benefits of getting curious and being open to new ways of doing things

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Trouva_Issue 01_SMUG-2_square



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podcast episode no. 40 – growth without overwhelm

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Welcome back to the podcast guys. I hope this finds you well. This is episode no. 40 of ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’. I’ve recorded this solo show today, as a response to what’s been coming up regularly in my DMs on Instagram, as replies to my newsletter (are signup up to my newsletter? If not head over to lizzieforsmug.com and scroll to the bottom to join us) and the conversations I’ve been having with my coaching clients. Today we’re talking about how you can go about Growing without the Overwhelm.

So many of us are feeling busy, tired and overwhelmed by all of the todos in our businesses, careers and lives. We can feel like we just don’t have the time or energy to even think about growth. It feels like just another thing and more than you can handle right now. Today’s episode is essentially just me sharing with you my advice on how you might chose to go about growing in way that doesn’t feel overwhelming but that feels easy and good. I share some tools that you might want to use this week to help you move forward in a way that feels more aligned and spacious.

Have a listen and let me know what you think. Many blessings, Lizzie x

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Grow Your Brand – www.lizzieforsmug.com


podcast episode no. 39 – self care and recess living with Nina Elegba

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Recess Living founder Nina Elegba


My podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’, is back for another interview episode. May I introduce you to the wonderful Nina Elegba? Founder of Recess Living, an events and lifestyle company that creates experiences, stories, and connections to inspire you to enjoy a guilt-free timeout.


In this episode Nina shares her own self care rituals and routines that she uses as ‘Recess’, to support her own creativity, health, productivity and wellbeing. She talks us through all things Recess Living and the ways in which you can benefit by getting involved. This episode will leave you feeling inspired to take more ‘Recess’ to better support the life you want for yourself.



Recess Living Self-Care Gift Boxes featuring sustainable wellness products


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Recess Living – www.recessliving.com

Instagram – @recess.living 

Recess Living x Black Minds Matter – Workshop

Sound Bath Resource – Bliss Works Sound Bath

Free Workshop – Craft with Intention

Grow Your Brand – Group Coaching Programme


podcast episode no. 38 – my first £10k month with elizabeth stiles

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Welcome back to the podcast! Season 4 of ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’ is back with an interview episode. Today I’m joined by Fashion Brand Consultant and fellow Money Mindset advocate, Elizabeth Stiles.


Elizabeth has had her first ever £10K during lockdown and has so much to share with us about her how and why. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. Thank you so much to Elizabeth for coming on and sharing her journey so far with us. Here’s to lots more £10K months! And thank you to you guys as always, for listening. Lizzie x


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Elizabeth’s website – www.elizabethstiles.co.uk

Elizabeth on Instagram – @elizabethstilesuk

‘Up-level Your Money Mindset with me’ My Group Coaching Programme – www.lizzieforsmug.com/money-mindset

‘Grow Your Brand’ Group Coaching Programme – www.lizzieforsmug.com/grow-your-brand

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podcast episode no. 37 – is your comfort zone really serving you?

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me cropped plant


Welcome back to the podcast! This week’s episode is a solo show titled ‘Is Your Comfort Zone Really Serving You?’ I have some simple journaling questions ready for you, so grab a pen and a notebook if you’d like to. Let me help you move out of your comfort zone and learn to grow and stretch. Maybe even take a leap! Thanks and shout out to Jen Sincero, Llewy Davies and Tara Mohr who have all played parts in inspiring me to record this episode for you. I hope you find it helpful. Thank you for listening. Speak soon, Lizzie x





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podcast episode no. 36 – manifesting with victoria jackson

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victoria 2_sq


Welcome back to the podcast. Season 4 kicked off with a boom last week with my solo show all about Values and this week I’m back with an interview episode on Manifestation with the brilliant Victoria Jackson. I bloody love this woman!

She’s a Manifestation and Business Coach and expert on all things motivation and mindset. She also happens to be a brilliant writer (thank her previous career) so her blog is full of resources on these subject too. Check out the show notes below for the links you’ll need to find out more and get to know Victoria better.

This episode was such a joy to record (and edit and listen back to). Thank you Victoria! I thought you guys might find it interesting to hear two Money Mindset/Manifestation Coaches taking through what all this manifestation and money mindset stuff really means to us and looks like for us. You’ll hear a lot about our beliefs, teaching and values in this episode and you’ll also hear two women who really respect each other having a conversation that inspires and fills us both up. My hope is that spills over and inspires you. Thanks for listening, Lizzie x


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Victoria’s Website – www.themanifestationcollective.co

Victoria’s Instagram – www.instagram.com/themanifestationcollective

Join her Facebook community (I have!) – www.facebook.com/groups/themanifestationcollective

The 5 Principles of Manifestation for Beginners – themanifestationcollective.co/manifestation

Victoria’s Interiors Blog, Apartment Number 4 – www.apartmentnumber4.com

Join me for my FREE Values Workshop / Group Coaching Call on Zoom – www.lizzieforsmug.com/values-workshop

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podcast episode no. 35 – know and live your values

:: by Lizzie


Lizzie dungees


My podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’ is back with its fourth season and it feels great to be back recording for you. I have several interview episodes with amazing women ‘in the can’ that I’m so looking forward to sharing with you.

But this first episode is a solo show. You may have heard my bonus ‘lockdown’ episode speaking about how I’ve been up-levelling my mindset during lockdown and I’ve so much more to share with you.

This episode we are talking Values. After the bonus episode (check out the show notes for the link if you’ve not heard it yet) I received more requests then ever to dive deeper into what I mean by ‘Values’, why it’s worth having them, how to work out what yours are and how to go about living by them. So in this episode we get right into that. I also catch you up on how my Money Mindset journey is going, the break throughs I’ve had so far and what I’m working on currently to continue to work towards financial abundance.

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Podcast episode no. 34 – How I’m Up-levelling My Mindset During Lockdown

IGTV – My Big Money Mindset Takeaways So Far

‘Up-Level Your Mindset with Me’ – My 8 Week Group Coaching Programme

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podcast episode no. 34 – How I’m Up-levelling My Mindset During Lockdown

:: by Lizzie


lizzie 34


Hi everyone! Thanks for being here. Today I’m sharing my mindset journey throughout lockdown to date. It’s been full on! In this episode I catch you up on my own situation both financially and in terms of how my family has been effected due to Covid-19.


I’m in a really good place now (it’s taken a few weeks) and I’ve even had a few epiphanies! I’m super excited to have read the life changing book by Jen Sincero ‘Your are a Badass at Making Money. Master the Mindset of Wealth’ and I want to share what I’m learning with you.


For details of my ‘Up-Level Your Mindset with Me – 8 Week Digital Book Club’ and to sign up and get your seat around the table, see the show notes below.


Thanks for reading and listening guys. Stay safe and God bless. Lizzie x



S H O W   N O T E S  :


The background… Why I’m Closing (have closed) my Brick and Mortar Store Youtube Video. This fills you in with my why and my plans for closing SMUG and moving forward with my ‘freedom business’. Watch here.


Tara Mohr Core Values Journalling Work – link


Sarah Akwisombe Podcast Episode – link


Jen Sincero – You are a Badass at Making Money. Master the Money Mindset of Wealth.


Watch my ITGV ‘Up-Level Your Money Mindset With Me’ – here