9 things i’d love for christmas

:: by Lizzie


Now, don’t think me too spoilt or greedy, some of these are rather pie in the sky price-wise, but these 9 things are all items that would make me very very happy should I come to open them up on Christmas morning. Some I’d consider buying myself come the New Year as they’re pieces I feel I really must have in my collection and others (Rose Gold Headphones and Sheepskin Mittens!) I’ll be keeping my beady eyes on online in case they get massively reduced in January sales.


I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading (and YouTube video watching) on capsule wardrobes and minimal living and I’ve found that since then, I’ve really not been tempted to shop for the sake of it. I’m being much more considered really thinking about how to get the most out of what I already have. I’ve been focusing on only purchasing items that I feel are missing from my wardrobe and/or home, that I’d really see the benefit in having and get a lot of use and pleasure from. And surely the fewer things you buy, the more money you have to spend, no?! I’m not sure that Father Christmas would agree, but just in case he’s reading…


01 // Stig – Yellow Backpack, Sandqvist, £105

02 // Knitted Slippers in Ecru, Toast, £59

03 // Pineapple Pin, Macon et Lesquoy at SMUG, £30

04 // Matt Revolution Lipstick in Sexy Sienna, Charlotte Tilbury, £23

05 // Navy Iphis Leather Card Holder, Liberty, £70

06 // Sailor’s Plait Necklace, Eleanor Bolton at SMUG, £92

07 // Sheepskin Mittens in Brandy, Margaret Howell, £165

08 // Taylor Headphones in Rose Gold, Frends, €219

09 // Dead Sea Bath Salts Set, Herbivore Botanicals, $32


the SMUG christmas SHOP – my favourites

:: by Lizzie


I’ve been rather busy in retail land recently what with buying for and setting-up this years SMUG Christmas SHOP. Although I don’t share all that much product-based Smugness on the blog, I’ve been really enjoying curating the different ‘For Him’, ‘For Her’ and ‘For the Kids’ collections housed in the Christmas SHOP. So if you don’t mind, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to in the form of 3 little gift guides.


Below are all the deets should you want to swing by the shop and say hi or take a wee look online. Thanks for reading. I hope this gives you a little bit of Christmas shopping inspiration and galvanisation. It is November now peeps. Time to start your present lists. I do love a good list!


I N  S T O R E  –  The SMUG Christmas SHOP is open Wed – Sun in November and Mon – Sun in December right up until Christmas Eve. We’re based in Camden Passage, Islington, London.


O N L I N E  –  The SMUG Christmas SHOP is shoppable online right now and will continue to be live on our website up until Christmas Eve while stocks last. (We’ll be adding new products throughout the Christmas season so keep checking back for new gift ideas).






Ecelectic Cushion by HAY – coming soon

Beard Kit by Men’s Society, £25

Woolywood Woven Scarf by Donna Wilson, £55

Bicycle Pin by Macon et Lesquoy, £17

Apron in Blue by Ferm Living, £62

Rulers and Triangles by HAY from £5 

Bear Bottle Opener by Men’s Society, £18

A5 Notebook by Esme Winter, £12

Gold Dot Glass by HAY – coming soon

Charcoal Notebook by APPNTD, £18

Maritime Zipper Pouch by Izola, £30

Gum Eraser by APPNTD, £1.30

Drivers in the 1980s by Hoxton Mini Press, £12.95

Black Marbled Enamelware Tumbler, £9.50

Brass 1/2 Clock by bishop – coming soon

Strike Matches by HAY – coming soon





Peacock Pen by HAY – coming soon

Basket Circle Scarf in Yellow by Hilary Grant, £82

Russo Mini Bag in Black by M Hulot, £175

Totem Necklace 005 by Tom Pigeon, £60

Pineapple Pin by Macon et Lesquoy, £30

Pinorama Pin Board by HAY – coming soon

Paint Box Necklace by Eleanor Bolton, £122

Pink Curve Socks by Bonne Maison, £15

Beak Scissors by HAY, coming soon

Sailor’s Plait Necklace by Eleanor Bolton, £92

Plus 9 Blanket by HAY – coming soon

Diplo Satchel by M Hulot, £280

Form Circle Earrings in Mint and Copper by Tom Pigeon, £30

Plants Tote by Rosie Moss exclusively for SMUG, £70

Long John Vase by Lenneke Wispelwey, £49

2016 Floral Planner by Rifle Paper Company, £29





Teepee Quilted Cushion in Mint by Ferm Living, £48

Ice Cream Scarf by Donna Wilson, £49

Bauhaus Bowl and Wink Mug by Darling Clementine, £13 and £13

Lambswool Mittens by Donna Wilson, £24

Billy Bear Wall Flag in Blue by Ferm Living, £18

Primary Bowl and Clown Mug by Darling Clementine, £13 and £13

Mellow Meerkat by Donna Wilson, £28

Billy Bear Cushion in Rose by Ferm Living, £33

Lovesick Llama by Donna Wilson, £40

Mint Dot Baby Bedding by Ferm Living, £37.50

Spinning Top by HAY, £9

Cone Quilted Blanket in Rose by Ferm Living, £68

Wink Tote by Darling Clementine, £10

Giraffe Hobby Horse by Donna Wilson, £65

Quilted Bear Toy, £22

Woollen Banana by Donna Wilson exclusively for SMUG, £12.50


gift guide for her

:: by Lizzie


1. ISH Blanket 00 by Mae Engelgeer, £229

2. Brass Hexagon Brooch in Grey by Tom Pigeon, £15

3. Shearing Scissors Necklace by Alex Monroe, £180

4. Hexagonal Marble Barcelet by Oform, £75

5. Evelina Journal by Rifle Paper Company, £13.75

6. Vegetable Zip Pouch by Rosie Moss exclusively for SMUG, £26

7. Bits and Bobs by HAY, £8 – £18

8. Arrow Circle Scarf in Picalilli by Hilary Grant exclusively for SMUG, £87

9. s.b. 43 by Scholten & Baijings, £45


gift guide for your home

:: by Lizzie


1. Jeeves Coffee Pot by Ali Miller exclusively for SMUG, £65

2. Brass Scissors by HAY, £9

3. Herbs and Spices Print by Rifle Paper Company, £37

4. Kelim Cushion by Ferm Living, £62

5. Guinea Pig and Pineapple Oven Glove by Thornback & Peel exclusively for SMUG, £27

6. Geometric Blanket in Petrolium by Tina Ratzer, £98

7. Long John Vase by Lenneke Wispelway, £49

8. lil + lila Placemats by Mae Engelgeer, £45

9. Kaleido Tray X-Small in Yellow, £11


gift guide for the kids

:: by Lizzie


1. Some Days Are Better Than Others mini print by Rifle Paper Company, £8.50

2. But The Sun Always Comes Out Tomorrow mini print by Rifle Paper Company, £8.50

3. Woollen Banana by Donna Wilson exclusively for SMUG, £12.50

4. Trio Notebooks by HAY, £9

5. 1/2 Clock in Turquoise by byshop, £20

6. SMUG Tote hand screened by Lizzie Evans, £5

7. Bau Deco Notebook A by Ferm Living, £6.75

8. Spinning Tops by HAY, £13 each

9. Bruce by Donna Wilson, £50


gift guide for him

:: by Lizzie


1. Large Lines Pencil Case by The Pattern Guild, £26

2. Brass Pencil by Midori, £15

3. Cinematype Alphabet Set by Tom Pigeon, £20

4. Volet Hooks in Black by HAY, £19

5. Pale Blue Wooden Owl in Oak by Matt Pugh exclusively for SMUG, £28

6. Horn Salt Spoon by Abbeyhorn, £4.50

7. Moustach Grooming Kit, £18

8. Hexagon Bottle Opener by Ferm Living, £27

9. Brass Comb by Izola, £19.95


gift guide no.5

:: by Lizzie




1. Peachy Dot Plush by Long Story Co, £15

2. A-Z Print by Charlotte Trouce, £25

3. Town House Cushion by Donna Wilson, £47.50

4. You are a Top Banana Tape by Hanna Melin, £6

5. Wooden Horse Brooch by Alice Lickens, £9

6. Horn Child’s Spoon by AbbeyHorn, £11

7. Ball Point Pens by LiveWork, £2.50 each

8. Lizzie the Owl made by Chloe Owens exclusively for SMUG, £18

9. Scooting Squirrel Placemat by Ketchup On Everything, £10

10. Bruce by Donna Wilson, £50

11. Yellow and Mint Clipboard by Ding Ding, £5


gift guide no.4

:: by Lizzie




1. SMUG Napkin Box Set made by Thornback & Peel exclusively for SMUG, £40

2. 1 Litre Carafe by Weck, £5

3. Geometric Merino Wool Blanket by Tina Ratzer, £96

4. Herbs and Spices 2014 Calendar by Rifle Paper Co, £13.75

5. Camellia Wallet by Ada Rose, £75

6. Watering Can Necklace by Alex Monroe, £138

7. Yellow Walnut Owl made by Matt Pugh exclusively for SMUG, £28

8. Recipe Notecards by Rifle Paper Co, £10

9. Honeysuckle Bag by Ada Rose, £110

10. Acorn Plate by Donna Wilson, £22

11. Enamel Tea Pot in Pigeon Grey by Falcon, £20


gift guide no.3

:: by Lizzie




1. Pie Set in Pigeon Grey by Falcon, £55

2. Rabbit Hankies by Thornback & Peel, £15.50

3. Cocktail Shaker by Izola, £35

4. Guinea Pig Apron by Thornback & Peel, £25

5. Martime Soap Dish by Izola, £20

6. Anchors Away Soap by Izola, £12

7. Horn Butter Knife by Abbeyhorn, £11

8. Crinkled Glass by Rob Brandt, £6

9. Woody Wood Snood by Donna Wilson, £67.50

10. Lanyard by Folk, £45


gift guide no.2

:: by Lizzie




1. Smith Journal Issue Eight, £8.50

2. Green Moss Candle by Izola, £35

3. Buckley Belt in Ecru by Folk, £60

4. Horn Pocket Comb by Abbeyhorn, £7

5. Enamel Tumbler by Falcon, £5

6. Tip Top Hat in Gold and Blue by Donna Wilson, £39

7. Beardy Man Plate by Donna Wilson, £22

8. The SMUG Writing Set made by Chase & Wonder exclusively for SMUG, £30

9. Navy Illusion Blanket made for exclusively for SMUG, £47

10. Gardners’ Print by James Brown, £60