summer skincare update

:: by Lizzie

I’m 36 this summer. It’s crazy to think that when I was 29, I was using Simple purifying cleansing lotion on cotton wool pads to take off my makeup before bed, that was it. That was it! My whole skincare routine. Fast forward 7 years and I look after my skin SO much better.





Quite quickly after turning 30, I decided it was time I started taking proper care of my skin and I’m so glad I did. Not only has this journey into skincare improved the texture, oiliness, dryness and redness of my skin, it’s been good for the whole of me. I would go so far as to say that it’s improved my mental health and self care. Carving out this little bit of time to treat my skin to what it needs, both in the mornings and the evenings, really helps with my mindset. It helps me get into alignment at the start of my day and wind down for rest at the end of it. Since having my son Constantin in 2018, it’s also kept me doing something just for me in the midst of juggling his needs, SMUG, my wider career and my values around the kind of wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend I want to be.


I thought I would share with you here the skincare products I’m using and loving at the moment. As I already mentioned, me and my skin are 36 years old this summer. My skin is combination dry and oily. It gets very tight if it isn’t moisturised deeply enough. But I also get a super shiny nose and still have to cope with it being covered in black heads at this ripe old age! I thought that would be something I grew out of for sure. Maybe the extra oil keeps me looking young!? I have redness too, particularly on my right cheek. I get the occasional spot but not many these days. Although they do seem to leave a dark blemish for a long time which sucks. Hopefully those details will give you a little context around what type of skin I have and that these products will work really well for. Of course I’m not an expert but wanted to share with you my experience of what’s been good for my skin. Do let me know in the comments or through Instagram if you use any of the same products, have any recommendations for me to try, or would like to ask any questions. I hope you find the below interesting/helpful/inspiring/educational (delete as appropriate) when it comes to making time for yourself and taking care of the skin you’re in.





Since properly cleansing, using a hydrating serum, introducing a glycolic acid into my routine and finishing up with a rich moisturiser and eye cream, my skin has hugely improved! In my 20s I didn’t really go out without make up on. In my 30s I do all the time. Here are the skincare products that I come back to time and time again and will be using all summer long.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O – I use this Bioderma cleaner to remove my make up if I have any on, so this is isn’t a product I’d use in the mornings but is the very first step in my evening skincare routine. I have a highlight on Instagram called SKINCARE of my whole night time routine process if you fancy a look.


Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover – I very rarely use water proof mascara (weddings and funerals only) but if I do then this is the best best best product to get it off!


Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel – I use this fabulous oil/gel cleanser every morning and evening to wash my face. I take one pump and massage it into my skin (it feels so luxurious!) and then I remove it with a damp face cloth. I rinse the cloth and go in again so my skin is super clean. In the mornings and on days I’m not wearing makeup, this is the first step in my skincare routine.


REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic – Usually in the mornings but sometimes in the evening too if my skin is feeling a bit clogged up, I take a cotton wool pad and push down a couple of times on the pump of this bad boy (great packaging which makes this super easy) and sweep it over my face. It does what it says on tin so to speak and creates a ‘glow’ by lifting away a layer of dead skin cells. It’s v gentle though so works for my sensitive skin.


Glossier Moisturising Moon Mask – I try to do a face mask every couple of weeks or once a month. The real skincare pros would do once a week or more but I’m not quite there yet! This mask from Glossier is a firm fave of mine. Defo leaves the skin feeling super clean and gunk free but is also moistening and evens out your skin tone. You may have noticed that these are the two things (a moisture boost and more even skin tone/glow) I’m after in pretty much all my skincare products. I also love the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Mask which is more detoxifying.


Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum – Drunk Elephant is a newer brand for me and I’m in love. I was waiting with excitement for it to land at Space NK last year, as before that, you couldn’t get hold of it in the UK. The B-Hydra Serum does exactly what you’d expect and it has been a game changer for me in keeping my skin better moisturised.


Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum – Speaking of game changing! The combo of these two serums seems to have been the key recently to my better moisturised skin with a more even skin tone. I use this one at night only as you’d expect from the name of it. It’s probably the most ‘active’ of all of the products I use but it’s still gentle on my sensitive skin and I’ve seen great results with it.


Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream – I like this eye cream. I should mention too that the Drunk Elephant twist and pump packaging rocks. I also like the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. These are my two faves and I’ve tried quite a lot of eye creams. I do find eye creams a bit tricky though as it’s hard to know if they’re making an impact. It’s more of a product I feel I should use to avoid ageing rather than one I use that instantly makes me feel like it’s doing something. There’s a bit of trust involved I guess. An investment I think is worth it for my older eyes!


Herbivore Moon Fruit Night Treatment – This guy is new to me. I only picked it up this week. I’ve been feeling that I wanted something to use at the end of my evening routine that is moisturising enough that I don’t need a traditional moisturiser on top but that is more ‘active’ than a night cream. I’ve used it three nights in a row and am loving it so far. It was the inspiration around doing the skincare routine video on stories (again, now saved as a SKINCARE highlight if you want to see it in action). I’ll keep you updated as to the results once I’ve used it a little longer but so far, so very good.


Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich – Moisturisers are so up my street. They totally do feel like they make an instant impact and for me, most of the moisturisers out there not pack enough of a moisturising punch. This Glossier bad boy is defs rich enough and leaves my skin feeling deeply moisturised. Also in that category and equally good in my view, is the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream. If anything I might like it slightly more. My all time moisturiser fave though is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream but it’s pretty pricey so it’s more of a Christmas present treat from my mum type thing.


Pixi Rose Oil Blend – One way of boosting your existing moisturiser is to add an oil to it. This Pixi one is something I always have in my stash in case I want even more moisture umph. I’ll either add a drop or two to my moisturiser once on my hand and rub the two together, or I sometimes use it as a night treatment alone by popping a few drops all over my face and neck after I’ve applied my moisturiser. I tend to wake in the morning all dewy and super moisturised which is rather nice.


Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defence – In the summer months I finish my morning skincare routine with an spf and this is my fave. It’s super important to keep your skin protected from the sun. You only get one skin, take care of it etc etc. This spf is light, moisturising and soaks in quick. Done and done.


Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face and Décolleté – Keeping my face properly protected from the sun usually means it stays a little lighter than the rest of my body and it’s sometimes nice to bring a little warmth to it the safe way and catch up with the colour of the rest of my skin. I use this as the last step at night if I want to give my face a warm glow by morning. It’s important to wash your hands well afterwards but I’ve had no probs at all with darker tan close to my hairline or any unevenness. This product is super gradual and just gently warms things up for me so it’s easy to use and gives that nice even skin tone look I’ve been banging on about.


3rd trimester favourites

:: by Lizzie
Lizzie Evans - SMUG 032_croped


Okay, so I’m back with my 3rd trimester favourites! :) Sorry for the big gap. The baby came a whole month early which meant I didn’t manage to record the video for you before we were off to the hospital. After some time there, we arrived back home and have been focussing on learning how to be new parents. The good news though (as well as the fact that the baby is happy, healthy and here), is that this video is finally here too and that I’m back recording weekly videos. Have a watch below and keep your eyes open for next week’s video which is my birth story.


Thanks so much as always for reading and watching. I’d love it if you gave the video a thumbs up and/or subscribed to be sure you have next week’s video and all future videos, land in your YouTube feed. Hope you’re all really well and that you find this video and the links below helpful and/or interesting. It’s so nice to be back!



F A V O U R I T E S :

What I’m wearing – Miro Top

Asos dungarees –

Asos skinny jeans –

Toast trousers –

ABCDEFEMME Tee – No longer available

New Look Maternity –

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Portrait by Fiona Murray for Mollie Makes Magazine


2nd trimester update and favourites

:: by Lizzie

It’s time for my 2nd trimester update! :) Thank you so much to those of you who have gotten in touch about the 1st trimester video and for those of you giving the video a thumbs up and for subscribing. It feels a bit like the community that started building around the podcast all over again. So nice to hear from other design loving pregnant ladies and mamas as well as those who just love babies and enjoy hearing about the planning involved in getting ready for a little one.


Below you’ll see the link for video no. 2! Next weeks is going to be taking you through some of our bigger baby purchases such as the cot, pram, moses basket etc etc. So keep your eyes open for that. And please do feel free to comment below, on the YouTube video itself or message me through Instagram. It’s so nice to share with each other advice and top tips and generally support each other through the excitement and



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F A V O U R I T E S :

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The White Company Cashmere Bed Socks –

Halls Soothers Peach and Raspberry –

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Asos dungarees –

Asos skinny jeans –

Nursing bra –

Toast Trousers –

Jojo Maman Bebe Farmyard Sleepsuit –

Zara Mini –

Mori Long Sleeved Vest –


1st trimester update and favourites

:: by Lizzie


Hi gang! Hope all’s good with you!? I don’t know if you know but we’re having a baby! Exciting news :) At first I had no plans to share pregnancy or baby related content but I’ve been enjoying other new mum’s videos on YouTube so much that I’ve actually decided to get in on the action.


Don’t worry though – my instagram, websites and podcast aren’t about to get all baby-centric. So, if you currently check in with me every now and again for design led content and couldn’t give too hoots about the baby stuff, it’s all cool. The usual design led content will all still be coming. This is why I’ve decided to use YouTube to share this new kind of prego/baby content from me.


On the other hand, if you’re pregnant too, LOVE babies, or are just interested to hear about how I’m finding pregnancy, what I’ve been finding helpful to keep me going, what we’ve been buying to get ready for the baby and my plans as to how I’m going to juggle my ‘portfolio career’ when the baby turns up – then welcome! You can head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe for weekly/fortnightly videos.


 I’m really looking forward to sharing it all with you. Do leave a comment here or on the video if you’re pregnant or have kids and have any advice. I’m hoping this can become a bit of a space for design loving, creative parents. Thanks so much for ready/watching!

Lizzie x


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8 little luxuries that bring me joy

:: by Lizzie


Hi gang! So sorry for the radio silence (and for this not being the first time you’ve heard this start to a blog round these parts). I seem, like many others, to be failing slightly to find time in the day to achieve everything I want to. If you’ve read this blog before you’ll probably know that I’m a creative business owner. This means that as well as running my bricks and mortar business, a design store in Islington named SMUG, I am also trying to do a million other things related to that business to grow it and to develop my own career. Be it creating content for our social media platforms (of course), designing my own patterns and products, launching a podcast, managing the Islington Design District, spending time writing as well as speaking on a panel here and there or judging a prize, and maybe even teaching/writing a course/workshop (to name the first few that come into my head) my days can be full of all sorts. This means I really struggle to find the structure that good blogging really needs. And I’m sorry about that. I’m still hoping that I’ll develop a groove that works for me and leads to more regular content here on the blog. Thanks for baring with me.


One of the things I’m researching and feel I’ve learnt a lot about over the years is trying to get Work Life Balance right when you’re a creative entrepreneur. You’ll be hearing lots more about that very soon, but for now I wanted to share with you the eight little luxuries that make a positive difference daily to my currently slightly overwhelming life. Everyone has their special little treats that make them smile. The items that others might see as not really worth the bother or money, but that to you are well worth their weight in gold and bring you a whole load of joy. These are mine.



1. MAGIC CREAM, Charlotte Tilbury – this bad boy is soooo hydrating. As I get older, my skin gets drier and most moisturisers don’t really do the trick for me. There are some out there that are thick and heavy enough to go deep and do the job but I find them far too greasy and I don’t like the weight of them on my skin. They also tend to not work at all well under makeup. This moisturiser however is perfection, not heavy at all and lifts any dullness right away. It’s full of wonderful things (you can see the full ingredients list here) but like it says on the pot, it’s essentially magic! It also happens to be the most extravagant little luxury on this list but it’s well worth it in my opinion. I’m 33 now, about to be 34 and I feel it’s the right time to really start taking care of my skin. Most importantly, applying this lovely smoothing cream to my face as the last step of my skincare routine both morning and evening makes me feel like I’m treating myself to something special every time. Self care and all that!


2. BAUME DE ROSE, By Terry – I’m totally 100% confident in telling you, if you don’t know already, that Baume De Rose is the best lip balm of all time. Ever. Like Charlotte’s Magic Cream it’s super moisturising and is packed full of ingredients that do wonders for your lips. I’ve never really been into lip balm. I’ve found most didn’t work and some made things worse. This leaves my lips feeling soft and supple and is pretty much all I ever wear on them these days. If this doesn’t convince you (which would be totally fair enough – what do I know?) then listen to the creator herself talk about how this cult product came into being on Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles’s podcast ‘At Home With…‘ While you’re at it listen to the whole series. It’s great!



3. RIND CONCENTRATE BODY BALM, Aesop – This is such a treat! I don’t actually moisturise my body for most of the year (feeling like that might be about to change however as I’m so in love with this product). I have recently had a wee holiday and got a teeny bit of a tan, so I’ve been doing my best on a daily basis to soak a load of moisturising goodness into my skin to keep the slightly bronzed glow going for as long as poss. This Aesop number is by far my favourite body moisturiser ever. Citrusy, creamy, refreshing deets here.


4. LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL 1932, Chanel – So, actually this is the most extravagant luxury in this list. However, it was a gift from my wonderfully generous and beautiful mother and I don’t use it every day so it’s lasting me ages. Also, I have the 75ml one! I love it so much (mum and I in fact both love the whole Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection so much) that I was in too minds to share it with you. It’s absolutely a special occassion jobby but every time I wear it I feel and smell like a million dollars. 1932 has notes of pear, grapefruit, iris and exotic jasmine. It’s stunning.



5. COLOURFUL LACE KNICKERS, Dora Larsen – I completely have a thing for fancy pants. Always have. I suspect I always will. Having gotten my face, limbs and more wobbly bits in-between smooth, moisturised and ready for the day, I rather like popping on a pair of lovely pants. Mine must be comfortable (no thongs here!) and very pretty. These Dora Larson colourful lace ones are a current fave. If you’re looking for somewhere to try some on (always try on bras and pants – online underwear shopping sucks!) then visit The Pantry Underwear on Camden Passage. Eloise is wonderful. She really knows her stuff and has a shop stocked full of everything undergarment related you could ever need. It’s a must stop next time you’re at/near SMUG. She’s only a few doors down and well worth a visit.


6. SIMPLE JEWELLERY, Ruberg – So what’s next? A very subtle bit of understated bling me thinks. I pretty much wear the same jewellery every day and I love it. My engagement ring which I still spend time gazing at happily every day (been married over 4 years) is from Ruberg, also on Camden Passage. Their work is beautiful, simple and a little bit interesting. I couldn’t be happier with my ring. It feels perfectly me. Thanks Kamilla! My wedding ring was my husband’s grandmothers (I know, so nice to have that special link, I’m very lucky) and my gold link bracelet is a vintage piece given to me on my wedding by my dad. He’s a very stylish man.




7. CUT FLOWERS, Angel Flowers and Dansk – As you may rightly assume, like SMUG, my flat is full of house plants. I love them. They are named, cared for and spoken to like children. But there’s something so very special about cut flowers. I only have them very occasionally and find every time that they bring me so much joy! The ones pictured in this post are from Angel Flowers and Dansk both in Islington and always full of sensational and unusual blooms. New kids on the block/Passage That Wild Bunch are well worth a look and an Insta follow too.


8. Chocolate Peacan Cookie, Ottolenghi – Hands down the best cookie in the world and my favourite sweet treat. I’m a huge Ottolenghi fan full stop and am far too often found there breakfasting, brunching or lunching. Sometimes I just pop in for a takeaway salad box and/or a cookie. Seriously though. The cookies! Try one.


So that’s it for my eight little luxuries that bring me joy. So much joy :) Do you have any regular special treats that keep your days intentional, bright, productive and happy? If not, I suggest you start finding some. Self care, self care, self care.


5 summer staples for a city girl’s wardrobe

:: by Lizzie


As you know, I’m a city girl through and through, and although I like a nice summer hols by the pool or on the beach, I spend the most part rushing around London. I’m very lucky to get to make annual trips to New York, Paris and Amsterdam for sourcing purposes and often visit these cities in the summer months. So, I thought it might be worth pulling together a post on how I dress for cities in the summer. This week in London we’ve had blazing sunshine and torrential downpours. We’ve had daytime highs of 25 and lows of 12. When I travel to European cities it’s often a similar story, and don’t even get me started on the inconsistencies of New York weather in September! So, along with the extra pressure of fitting everything into a carry-on, it’s hard to know what to pack.


This post focuses on my suggestions of 5 key pieces for any city gal in the summer, whether at home or abroad. Layering is of course the one when it comes to managing the changes in temperature, and breathable, quick drying, stretchy fabrics that don’t crease, massively help out with the occasional soggy spells and with packing it all into your case. Take a look below and let me know what you’d add to the mix. What are your summer city staples?







T H E  O V E R S I Z E D  T E E  :

Effortless, cool, versatile and able to cover a multitude of sins, the oversized tee is the perfect summer city staple. The roomy fit of this style of tee is super comfy and sets the right tone for a relaxed summer city look. Smarten up by layering on a duster jacket or tucking into a high waisted pencil skirt. Dress down by pairing with your favourite boyfriend fit jeans – these are mine. My most worn tee colour-ways are solid athletic grey – I have several of this one from American Apparel, and navy/white Breton stripes. I’ve collected a fair few Breton tees over the years. You can never have too many Bretons! Topshop and Urban Outfitters are well worth a look if you’re on the hunt for one.


T H E  S T R E T C H  C O T T O N  P E N C I L  S K I R T  :

I like mine high waisted, finishing below the knee, with a slit up the back and in stretch cotton. I get them cheap as chips from The sillouette of a tight pencil skirt with an oversized tee works so well for a laid-back but sexy, city summer look. The stretch cotton is not only comfy, soft against your skin and unlikely to crease, but really breathable in the heat and flattering too. If you’ve got the waist for it, try with a cropped tee or vest to show a little more skin.


T H E  D U S T E R  J A C K E T  :

My go-to signature piece, a duster jacket does not only pull a whole city summer look together, but can actually become the whole look all by itself. My BDG denim duster does a great job of pulling things together and is a handy extra layer for when the evening chill arrives. The more creased/distressed/worn it becomes, the softer and chicer it looks and feels. My Pippa Lynn patterned duster below on the other hand is a complete show stopper and when you pop it over whatever you’re wearing it essentially becomes the whole look. Lightweight, uncreasable, machine washable and so pretty that you feel amazing as soon as you through it on, it’s my favourite summer layer.


T H E  S T U R D Y  S A N D A L S  :

Once it’s too hot for trainers then the sandals come out, but what are the right city sandals? I love a nice pair of jellies and am very partial to a pair of woven tan leather sandals but my favourite city sandal shape is the slightly platformed thick leather strap look. Think practical Harajuku sandals. The thick straps mean they don’t slip off your feet when rushing around and the platform is enough to keep your tootsies a little further from the grubby streets. They’re still summery sandals for sure, but a little more city friendly than some of their counterparts. Mine are from Pull and Bear.


T H E  C R O S S  B O D Y  H A N D B A G  :

When rushing around the city, be it in and out of meetings and back and fourth to the shop, or getting time to explore a new place, I like to have a wee cross body bag on hand for the important stuff. Keeping my phone, keys, wallet, sunnies and sometimes passport close by works for me and a stylish leather cross body is my top choice for this. I love M Hulot‘s whole collection but here’s my edit of the best cross bodies. I tend to have a SMUG tote with me too which I throw larger items into should I need them but often a little leather handbag is all I need. Now here’s where I cheat a little and tell you that a floaty, patterned, cotton summer dress would have to be my number 6 on the list. Have I missed anything else? What staples would you add?








april favourites

:: by Lizzie


Monthly Favourites are back! Sorry it’s been such a long time since the last one. If you’re new round these parts, this is where I pull together my favourites in fashion, food, beauty and anything else that’s been tickling my fancy in the month of April.


F A S H I O N :

Cos A-Line Dress with Concave Hem – Like many of you I’m sure, I’ve been having a real COS moment this month. So many great dresses. Always a little unusual, yet sort of timeless. Whenever I buy something at COS I get that, ‘I could wear this through to my 60s and 70s’ feeling. Cool, ‘special’ but oh so effortless. This little number took me to Milan and back for Design Week and was the perfect outfit for running around the city come rain and  shine.

adidas Rod Lavers Remastered – Rod Lavers are one of my favourite trainer styles of all time. My very clever husband bought these for me for Christmas. They go with everything and ‘chic up’ whatever you put them with. I spent January, February and March too scared to wear them but April’s distinctly less rainy weather has had me in them most days.

Selected Femme Suede Shirt – I’ve been looking for the right suede jacket for a long time. This one is super soft and easy. Structured but a little slouchy even. I throw mine over jeans and a t-shirt or layer it over a dress or jumpsuit. Lovely with a big scarf too. It works pretty much any which way.

Embroidered Pineapple Pin – Seen here on my new YMC Paisley Jacket which I picked up earlier this month in Glasgow and am getting tonnes of use out of. The Pineapple Pin is by Macon et Lesquoy and makes me smile every time I look at it. As you know, I love pineapples, and pins for that matter, and this is the absolute prefect combo of those two wonderful things.


F O O D :

Kricket at Le Coq – For one night only, Brixton’s beloved Kricket came to Islington and took over Le Coq on St Paul’s Road. When JD and KT got in touch to invite us to join them, we jumped at the chance to enjoy the rotisserie kid goat raan with wild garlic chutney, saffron and pomegranate pilaf and pickled heritage carrots. Dessert was rotisserie pineapple with coconut sorbet, chilli and star anise. Some of the best food I’ve had in a long time. Sort of like an Indian Berber&Q, which I raved about in my May monthly favourites last year.

Honourable mention has to go to Ben & Knomes who cooked us the most splendid Italian feast last week. Ben made beetroot ravioli from scratch which was cooked in rosemary and butter. For mains he made the best meatballs I’ve ever eaten and Knomes topped the whole thing off with utterly delicious custard-filled doughnuts. All homemade (or Knomesmade as we like to call it). We were well impressed and our tastebuds and tummies very happy too.


B E A U T Y :

Living Proof Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner – At last! The Living Proof ‘Perfect Hair Day’ range has arrived on our blighty shores, just under a different name – Healthy Hair. I’ve been waiting for SpaceNKs in the UK to stock the range since I picked up the 5 in 1 Styling Treatment which I bang on about in my What’s on my Bathroom Shelf? post. The whole range is perfection. It leaves your hair soft, full, shiny and smelling devine.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – This is magical stuff. Creamy, glowy and lightweight but pigmented enough to essentially airbrush your face. It comes in a really wide range of colours and covers up everything you want it to, keeping your skin looking like skin, just better. I’m thinking I’ve stumbled upon a holy grail item with this one.

Nars Roman Holiday Lipstick – An oldie but a goodie. I was lucky enough for this product to be one of my first every foire into lipstick. I have a much larger lippy collection these days but feel head over heals back in love with this gem this month. It’s the perfect pink. Bright enough to make a bit of a statement but super flattering in tone. Creamy and moisturising in texture and sort of goes with everything. Going to need to make a repurchase soon as I’ve not much left in the bullet.


O T H E R :

The Jungle Book – I haven’t loved a film so much in a long time (with the exception of Star Wars: The Force Awakens of course, which was a life changing experience, seriously). But back to TJB, In case you can’t remember the cartoon – Mowgli (Neel Sethi) has been raised by a family of wolves since birth, but now must leave the jungle as big old scary tiger Shere Khan (Idris Elba) threatens to kill him. He’s guided on his journey by the regal black panther Bagheera (Ben Kingsley) and a free-spirited and pretty lazy sloth bear Baloo (Bill Murray). Go see it! The bear necessities of life will come to you.

Holistic Silk Eye Mask – A super big thank you to Holistic Silk who kindly gifted me this eye mask, along with the most relaxing candle I have ever smelt, the aptly named Deeply Relaxing Scented Candle. The eye mask is filled with real lavender, lined with super soft cotton velvet and is a limited edition short run, made with this rather pleasing pineapple patterned fabric. I’ve been wearing mine for Sunday afternoon naps and will certainly be taking it on all long haul flights for the foreseeable future (and maybe some short haul ones too).

Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts – I had the most satisfying bath a few of weeks ago. It was so good that since then have had at least another three. I’m a shower girl when it comes to getting clean but this month I’ve loved a nice hot bath as a proper pampering relaxation treat. After getting home from a long day at SMUG, I’ve taken to turning on the taps, popping in a handful of this lovely stuff, lighting a scented candle, turning off the bathroom lights and sinking into the soft, warm, perfumed water. I soak for a good long while and come out feeling like I’ve had a full body massage at a terribly glamorous spa. It’s a rather wonderful feeling and I’d highly recommend it.


Do you have any home pampering/relaxation tips or film/food recommendations? If so, pop them down in the comments below. I’d love to hear them. Maybe I’ll they’ll make it into next months favourites :)




outfit #01

:: by Lizzie


01 // Navy Drawstring Hem Dress, COS

02 // Hooded Trench Coat, Sessùn

03 // Petite Wet Look Leggings, Topshop

04 // Copper Stan Smith Trainers, Adidas

05 // Sailor’s Plait Necklace, Eleanor Bolton


I’ve worn this outfit to a few different occasions recently and love how versatile it is. It’s so easy and comfy but still feels like you’ve made an effort. Winning! I wore it for a big Sunday lunch/reunion with Dan’s uni friends, my brothers 40th birthday party (I swapped the kicks for tan leather wedges on that occasion) and I also wore it on a lazy afternoon visit to the Barbican to see The World of Charles and Ray Eames exhibition. My advise is to rock this sort of look with a bold lip. My current favourite is the Soft Matt Lip Cream in Morrocco by NYX which is now available at Selfridges.



my winter nail wardrobe

:: by Lizzie


As well as wanting to burn scented candles, snuggle up in my YMC knitwear and crack out the Wolfords for under my culottes – there’s something about winter that makes me really want to paint my nails and wear a bold lip. I find that as things get colder and darker outside, I’m more and more drawn to the deep red, berry, teal and putty toned options inside my nail varnish and make-up stash.


In the summer months I’m a floaty dress and leather sandals kinda gal and have regular orange/red varnished pedis, but my fingers and lips are usually left au natural. I don’t know if it’s wanting to pamper myself more due to the colder climate, or if it’s prompted by the December party season. Maybe it’s the lack of skin showing that makes me want to manicure the few bits that are exposed, but it’s definitely during winter that I feel I can be bothered to take the time to paint and preen my fingernails. There’s just something so sophisticated about a perfectly manicured hand peeping out of the sleeve of a gorgeous cashmere sweater. Très chic non? And with the help of SOIGNÉ I’ve got My Winter Nail Wardrobe covered. Their varnish formula is perfection – long lasting, very pigmented and it glides on like a dream. The colour selection is ticking all my boxes too, so I thought I’d share with you the varnishes I’ll have on rotation for the foreseeable wintery future.


0 1  //  P E R S I M M O N

As I already mentioned, I love an orangey red on the toes all year round and winter is no exception. This shade errs on the side of tomato as apposed to my summer neons though, so it’s a good one on the fingernails to spruce up and brighten a winter outfit.


0 2  //  P O M E G R A N A T E

The classic deep red. Still bright enough to be flattering and youthful, but certainly on the darker side of the red spectrum. Think 1950s pinups and starlets of old. Winter glamour here we come!


0 3  //  S É S A M E  N O I R

My current go-to putty grey. Looks great when dressed down wearing jeans and a navy jumper but also super polished and current when dressed up in a little black dress. The right shade choice for the understated day-to-night look.


0 4  //  B L E U E T

I’m loving teal right now and as it happens blue varnishes of all shades are having a bit of a moment. This dark grey toned blue is easy to wear and looks ‘grown up power player’ rather than ‘9 year old girl’. Just the right shade to toughen up a crisp white shirt or tee.


0 5  //  M Y S T É R I E U S E

There’s a hint of the 90s All Saints nostalgia about this olive grey shade for sure but it’s definitely a more grown up look this time round. Wear with a powder grey or pale pink cashmere sweater or woolen tailored coat with the sleeves pushed up and a tonne of gold bangles or rings.


If you’d like to try out SOIGNÉ varnishes before making a purchase, I’d highly recommend DryBy in central London who specialise in blow drys and nails and who offer SOIGNÉ varnishes for their manis and pedis. It’s the most gorgeous place. Imagine if HAY had a nail bar… this it what it would be like. High praise indeed, I know! DryBy also offers understated and beautiful nail art which you should absolutely go for while you’re there. You won’t regret it!


Do comment below to let me know your favourite wintery shades and just shout if you’d be interested in a post on my current bold lip wardrobe. I’ve got a great little selection of cream matt lipsticks, velvet lip pencils and moisturising bold lipsticks on rotation right now that I’m absolutely loving and would be happy to share with you. Until next time…


9 things i’d love for christmas

:: by Lizzie


Now, don’t think me too spoilt or greedy, some of these are rather pie in the sky price-wise, but these 9 things are all items that would make me very very happy should I come to open them up on Christmas morning. Some I’d consider buying myself come the New Year as they’re pieces I feel I really must have in my collection and others (Rose Gold Headphones and Sheepskin Mittens!) I’ll be keeping my beady eyes on online in case they get massively reduced in January sales.


I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading (and YouTube video watching) on capsule wardrobes and minimal living and I’ve found that since then, I’ve really not been tempted to shop for the sake of it. I’m being much more considered really thinking about how to get the most out of what I already have. I’ve been focusing on only purchasing items that I feel are missing from my wardrobe and/or home, that I’d really see the benefit in having and get a lot of use and pleasure from. And surely the fewer things you buy, the more money you have to spend, no?! I’m not sure that Father Christmas would agree, but just in case he’s reading…


01 // Stig – Yellow Backpack, Sandqvist, £105

02 // Knitted Slippers in Ecru, Toast, £59

03 // Pineapple Pin, Macon et Lesquoy at SMUG, £30

04 // Matt Revolution Lipstick in Sexy Sienna, Charlotte Tilbury, £23

05 // Navy Iphis Leather Card Holder, Liberty, £70

06 // Sailor’s Plait Necklace, Eleanor Bolton at SMUG, £92

07 // Sheepskin Mittens in Brandy, Margaret Howell, £165

08 // Taylor Headphones in Rose Gold, Frends, €219

09 // Dead Sea Bath Salts Set, Herbivore Botanicals, $32