the weekend vlog #01

:: by Lizzie

Okay. So. I’ll let you into a little secret. I have a YouTube channel! I know right? Towards the end of last year I started thinking it might be nice to be able to film my monthly favourites and upload the videos to the blog. That way I’d be able to really talk you through everything I’d been most excited about that month in a bit more of a personal way. Don’t worry, I won’t get too personal! So, one weekend in December I decided to attempt a bit of a vlog (video blog) on my iPhone to get an idea of how it all worked and what it would actually be like to film what we were up to. The vlog never saw the light of day but it was a very handy practice run in how to film and edit. Today for the first time I’ve gone through the process of uploading it to YouTube and embedding the video into a blog post – both things I needed to test out in order to be ready to film my monthly faves this month and launch my YouTube channel. I wasn’t planning on sharing this first attempt at a vlog, but now I’ve gone to the trouble of uploading it to my YouTube channel, I thought it a bit of a shame not to show you. So here goes. Are you feeling unseasonably Christmassy? Then we’ll begin…




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