the renegade craft fair

:: by Lizzie


The Renegade Craft Fair popped over the pond this past weekend for it’s 3rd annual London offering. The Fair took place in Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery. So, after a bite to eat on the terrace at Dishoom, we walked over for some Chrimbo shopping as well as to say hello to the many SMUG desginers, old and new, who were showing their wares.


The first smiling faces we saw were those of Mr Wingate and James Brown. Both have been friends and suppliers of SMUG for some time. Mr Wingate’s Prints, Tea Towels, Cushions et al looked grand as always.




Mr Wingate’s Ten Bells Tea Towel, for sale at SMUG, will be appearing, fingers crossed, in the Guardian very soon. I hand delivered it and the Royal Oak Tea Towel, also at SMUG, to Mina Holland myself earlier today.


James Brown’s Prints always look fabulous. I was loving the linos on Sunday. Every time I see lots of them together I wish we had room for every single one at SMUG. At least we have Baxter and a few of his friends.




My current SMUG favourite has to be Brown’s Gardners Print. Gardners’ is a family business established in 1870 which specialises in bags but also anything else a shop keeper or stall holder might need. We always buy our till roll there. It’s a bit of a London gem as is the excellent Paul Gardner, great grandson of the founder, who runs the business nowadays.




The lovely Harriet Gray was there too. Here she is modelling her temporary tats. She’s drawn kittens, pups and bunnies all for your wearing pleasure. I couldn’t resist the doggie nail transfers.




If you’re a bit more bold than me but still not ready for a full on real tattoo you can purchase Harriet’s Mix and Match Tats here.


Alternatively, SMUG’s very proud to have it’s own Harriet Gray exclusive in this pucka print she illustrated for us. Maybe this is the one for you? Do you know what SMUG used to mean? Have a read below. It’s a neat little knowledge bomb.




House of Ismay and Lucie Ellen were rocking their stand with all sorts of paper-covered laser-cut wooden loveliness. Yes – that is a thing. See for yourselves.




Lucie was even creating custom made Bunting Necklaces for lucky Renegade customers. Cute!




Lucie has some gorgeous pieces in The SMUG Christmas SHOP that are well worth a look and selling fast. Check out her Watermelon Necklace, my personal fave.


Designer and new comer to the SMUG clan, Ladybird Likes had a gorgeous stall-full too.




Her Pug Collar Clips are selling like hot cakes in our SMUG Christmas SHOP. Her Wooden Bow Ties for girls and boys also at SMUG are pretty irresistable aswell. Keep your eyes open for more Ladybird Likes at SMUG next year we hope.




Other old school SMUG designers not to be missed at the Renegade Craft Fair included Hanna Melin, Made by mememe, A Alicia (who held a bauble making workshop just like the one she did for us at SMUG) and Lucy Driscoll.


New to the crew and not mentioned above but very much filling their stalls with goodness were Ketchup on Everything, Scout Editions and Stuffed Nonsense.


Fun was definietly had at the Fair.