SMUG turns six

:: by Lizzie
cacti in mint_1500


SMUG is now six years old! Can you believe it? It’s been a fabulous 6 years and we’re well up for the next sixty (or more) years of curating, collecting, collaborating and commissioning fresh and exciting design in Islington. I’d like to thank everyone who supports SMUG and everything we do – the team, my family, my friends and the many friends of SMUG, customers and designers we’ve picked up along the way.


Here I’d like to share with you the new exclusives specially designed to celebrate SMUG moving on into its seventh year.


P L A N T S  C O S M E T I C  P O U C H  B Y  R O S I E  M O S S :

As most of you will know I absolutely love Rosie’s work and have really enjoyed commissioning pieces from her and developing our offering of Rosie Moss at SMUG. It’s rather nice that this brand new Plants Pouch is my absolute favourite thing she’s ever designed. Thanks Rosie! Totes and cushions coming soon.




P L A N T  H A N G E R  B Y  E L E A N O R  B O L T O N :

Can you see a bit of a theme developing? It’s fair to say I’m rather into plants at the moment. Fellow plant lover and more importantly, jewellery designer, Eleanor Bolton, crafts lust-worthy necklaces and bracelets by coiling and hand stitching cotton rope. Her 40/50 Necklace is very much on my wish list (the whole collection is defo worth a good look). Luckily for SMUG she also makes utterly perfect Plant Hangers. Eleanor has created a new size especially to fit our best selling plant pots. These new hangers come in Mint and Dark Grey and are a great way to get more greenery into your interior.




B R A S S  F O I L E D  N O T E B O O K S  B Y  T O M  P I G E O N :

SMUG has been a fan of Tom Pigeon for some time and we carry lots of different stationery and accessory items by the brand. Our 6th birthday seemed the perfect time to launch our first ever exclusive with them. Kirsty and Pete took the SMUG pattern (see the background of our website) and used it as the inspiration for a this Brass Foiled Notebook design which comes in four SMUG colours.




W O O D E N  O W L  I N  M I N T  B Y  M A T T  P U G H :

You may not be surprised to hear that we’ve teamed up again with Matt Pugh to launch a brand new Mint coloured Wooden Owl to mark our 6th birthday. SMUG is lucky enough to now have four exclusive colour ways with Matt. Check out our Yellow, Peach, Pale Blue and Mint Owls here.


As well as thanking the above designers for sharing their talent and hard work on these new SMUG exclusives, I’d also like to say a big thank you to the people who made the SMUG birthday party itself a really special and enjoyable event.


F R U I T Y  P O R T R A I T S  B Y  R U B Y  T A Y L O R :

The fabulous Ruby Taylor was on hand all night to created Fruity Portraits of our lovely guests. Some people had two painted because they couldn’t choose which fruit to be. Others had loved ones not in attendance immortalised as fruit with the use of iPhone photos. It got pretty fruity! Thanks so much Ruby. SMUG is lucky enough to have an exclusive print by Ruby and we also stock lots of her work with Wrap Magazine so maybe take some time to have a look at all her wonderful creations. You can see a slide show of some of the portraits here.




S I P S M I T H  D I S T I L E R Y :

Sipsmith are small, they’re independent and they craft truly artisanal spirits of uncompromising quality. Prudence, the most important member of the team, is the first copper still to launch in London for nearly 200 years. She’s the only one of her kind. The swan motif on the Sipsmith mark is a reference to the “swan’s neck” pipe where the spirit vapour turns above the still. Sipsmith very kindly furnished us with bottles of their Dry Gin, Sloe Gin and Summer Cup for us to serve and enjoy at our birthday event. If you’ve not tried their gins before you absolutely should. They made a wonderful celebration all the more SMUG.




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