illustrator interview – linus kraemer

:: by Lizzie
Linus Promo Pic


Do you use old school or new school tools when creating your work?

I use a bit of both. My prints always start as sketches or doodles, and then I often redraw them as vectors on the computer.


Show and tell your piece of work. Describe your submission for Old School.

The playground print is a celebration of the playgrounds of my childhood – some still exist around the city but they’re rare now. I spent a lot of time finding photographs and looking for actual playgrounds so I could get the drawings accurate to the real thing. In the end I contacted Wicksteed Leisure (who’s name you’ll find on lots of playground equipment) and they sent me scans from their super retro catalogue from the 70’s.




What is your creative process?

Although my prints look really simple they are usually tons of work. I go through lots of trial and error trying out all kinds of options in the most basic things like colour and layout until I’m happy that I’ve chosen the best version.


Does your work represent your personality?

I’m sure it does in many ways. I suppose I’m quite accurate in life in general!



Send in a picture of your desk now and describe your studio space.

My studio contains my computer and a desk, lots of different paper stocks, a nice printer and scanner, some music equipment. And some clothes and a bed.




What’s your earliest memory of drawing/creating?

I loved trains (esp Thomas the Tank Engine) and drew train tracks a lot. I used to love looking out the window from the train at the curves of junctions where the tracks joined.



Did you have an imaginary friend?




Did you know at school what you wanted to be?

I wanted to be an architect. I think that was just because I liked drawing maps and plans of things. I had no interest in designing buildings!


What advice would you give now to your ‘old school self’?

Just get on with it.


Smug’s colour is yellow. What colour best represents you?

Gotta be dark blue, a bit like Pantone 541C.


If you had to choose one Smug product what would it be?

Can I have one of the formica cupboards please?