my winter nail wardrobe

:: by Lizzie


As well as wanting to burn scented candles, snuggle up in my YMC knitwear and crack out the Wolfords for under my culottes – there’s something about winter that makes me really want to paint my nails and wear a bold lip. I find that as things get colder and darker outside, I’m more and more drawn to the deep red, berry, teal and putty toned options inside my nail varnish and make-up stash.


In the summer months I’m a floaty dress and leather sandals kinda gal and have regular orange/red varnished pedis, but my fingers and lips are usually left au natural. I don’t know if it’s wanting to pamper myself more due to the colder climate, or if it’s prompted by the December party season. Maybe it’s the lack of skin showing that makes me want to manicure the few bits that are exposed, but it’s definitely during winter that I feel I can be bothered to take the time to paint and preen my fingernails. There’s just something so sophisticated about a perfectly manicured hand peeping out of the sleeve of a gorgeous cashmere sweater. Très chic non? And with the help of SOIGNÉ I’ve got My Winter Nail Wardrobe covered. Their varnish formula is perfection – long lasting, very pigmented and it glides on like a dream. The colour selection is ticking all my boxes too, so I thought I’d share with you the varnishes I’ll have on rotation for the foreseeable wintery future.


0 1  //  P E R S I M M O N

As I already mentioned, I love an orangey red on the toes all year round and winter is no exception. This shade errs on the side of tomato as apposed to my summer neons though, so it’s a good one on the fingernails to spruce up and brighten a winter outfit.


0 2  //  P O M E G R A N A T E

The classic deep red. Still bright enough to be flattering and youthful, but certainly on the darker side of the red spectrum. Think 1950s pinups and starlets of old. Winter glamour here we come!


0 3  //  S É S A M E  N O I R

My current go-to putty grey. Looks great when dressed down wearing jeans and a navy jumper but also super polished and current when dressed up in a little black dress. The right shade choice for the understated day-to-night look.


0 4  //  B L E U E T

I’m loving teal right now and as it happens blue varnishes of all shades are having a bit of a moment. This dark grey toned blue is easy to wear and looks ‘grown up power player’ rather than ‘9 year old girl’. Just the right shade to toughen up a crisp white shirt or tee.


0 5  //  M Y S T É R I E U S E

There’s a hint of the 90s All Saints nostalgia about this olive grey shade for sure but it’s definitely a more grown up look this time round. Wear with a powder grey or pale pink cashmere sweater or woolen tailored coat with the sleeves pushed up and a tonne of gold bangles or rings.


If you’d like to try out SOIGNÉ varnishes before making a purchase, I’d highly recommend DryBy in central London who specialise in blow drys and nails and who offer SOIGNÉ varnishes for their manis and pedis. It’s the most gorgeous place. Imagine if HAY had a nail bar… this it what it would be like. High praise indeed, I know! DryBy also offers understated and beautiful nail art which you should absolutely go for while you’re there. You won’t regret it!


Do comment below to let me know your favourite wintery shades and just shout if you’d be interested in a post on my current bold lip wardrobe. I’ve got a great little selection of cream matt lipsticks, velvet lip pencils and moisturising bold lipsticks on rotation right now that I’m absolutely loving and would be happy to share with you. Until next time…