:: by Lizzie


Whether it be a for the love of animals, ornaments, thriftiness or just plain accentricity, it was decided that the table centerpieces for the wedding meal were to be vintage ceramic dogs.

My existing collection or ‘menagerie’, as my soon to be husband described the ceramic animal herd living in my bedrom, was to be our inspiration. This already well loved and growing family included a small chipmunk named Monkey, a terrier called Trevor, various deer, horses and even a kangeroo. Dogs though were to be the mamal of the day that would grace our wedding tables.


I set to work in hunting different breeds down. Butch, a large bulldog, was found at a car boot sale in Stoke Newington. Madge, a corgi with gender issues (obvious eye liner and an older ladies stance yet an unmistakable bulge in the nether regions) was picked up for a fiver in an antiques market near Staines. Ebay as often is the case with these sort of ‘hunts’ was also a helpful resource. Particularly once we’d learned that Melba Ware was what we were after.


A Saint Bernard, Chow Chow, Jack Russell Terrier, various Spaniels (one made by Cooperware for your information, in case you’re thinking of becoming a ceramic dog spotter!) were all purchased and given names – names which were to become the wedding breakfast table names much to many peoples confusion.


What do the names ‘Radagast’, ‘Madge’, ‘Gladstone’, ‘Mick’, ‘Tuloola’, ‘Tishy’ and ‘Tin Tin’ have in common? Why, they are the names of the ceramic dogs sitting in the middle of each table! It was quite enjoyable being so eccentric. I’d recommend it. Our new ceramic friends were much cheaper and longer lasting than cut flowers. We had succulents and cacti potted in old earthernware jars for a bit of greenery and confetti hand cut from the FT and Esme Winter wrapping paper as well as graph and sugar papers to satisfy my paper loving tendancies. The sweetshop straws in peach and mint with mustard yellow mt tape flags were pretty great too.




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