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Well hello there! Firstly I want to say a big thank you for coming along with me through my pregnancy and the birth of my baby boy. (Birth story coming very soon on my YouTube channel). I’m so grateful to those of you who have been such a huge insta support through pram choices, colic, the Chelsea Flower Show debacle and everything else along the way. It’s a beautiful community we have built here and I thought it was about time I give you a little update on how Constantin is doing. We very recently went away for our first holiday with Stan and so I’ve lots to share about how travelling with a baby for the first time was. I want to cover sleep as well as what the journey was like, what we packed for him, what we used most and what I wouldn’t bother taking again. I also want to tell you about our new pram of dreams! The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX with Carrycot. It’s a whole travel system don’t you know and it’s the absolute perfect pram for us. Both for our day-to-day city life but also to keep things super comfy for Stan and really easy for us when off on our adventures.


Baby Jogger got in touch to suggest working together at exactly the right moment; just before our holiday when we were trying to figure how on earth we 1. get everything to the airport and on the plane and 2. actually get Stan around on our hols knowing we’d need to be lugging stuff around he might need on a full day out but also that we’d be going over old bridges, cobbled streets and a generally more adventurous terrain with even higher temperatures than we were used to in London.


I can tell you now, it was a breeze and we still can’t quite believe how well it worked out for us and what a difference this pram made. I don’t know if you remember me mentioning that I couldn’t quite get my head around being someone with a pram. The baby bit I was totally on board with but being a pram user kinda freaked me out. This pram, as well as being ridiculously well designed in terms of practicality and sturdiness, is also well designed aesthetically which I guess you will have worked out by now, if you’re regular round here, is very important to me. We have the Slate colour-way which is gorgeous and the whole shape and form of the Carrycot, the handle, the wheels, even the way the break works, makes me happy. It’s the little details always with good design isn’t it, that make a big difference. The fact that you can collapse the whole thing with one hand is pretty awesome!











So to fill you in a little on the deats of our holiday – we flew to the south of France from Gatwick. First job was getting to the airport. We got a cab to St pancras and the train to Gatwick and although we had a huge suitcase, a carry on suitcase, a car seat, Constantin’s nappy bag (which is a rucksack), Stan in a sling and the pram – it totally worked. A big part of the reason for this not being a complete nightmare and actually ending up totally doable is that the pram folds up into a bag which you can wear on your back. Genius!


When we got to the airport we checked in our big suitcase and deposited the car seat and City Tour LUX (with the Carrycot attached) as oversized luggage and we were away! SO doable. We were lucky enough to have my parents collect us at the other end but I reckon we would have been fine on the coach and bus if needs be. We had worried that having a baby would limit us in how we travelled based on the amount of ‘stuff’ he would need but what could have been a stressful journey was actually completely fine and for us that was all about 1. having the right pram and 2. taking the time to plan in advance what we should pack for Stan and for ourselves. If you’d like to hear more about what we packed (our capsule holiday wardrobes and Stan’s, as well as the baby necessities) then do let me know as I’m up for recording a video on that if it would be helpful/interesting.







One of the things that Stan loves about the City Tour LUX is how comfy and safe the Carrycot feels. So much so that the design doesn’t even need to include straps. It’s like a lightweight but plush bassinet that, as you can see from above, he feels really happy in. Because Stan was a month premature he’s always preferred to be carried than to be in a pram so we were really pleased to find that he felt super safe and happy when in his Carrycot. We found the suspension of the pram itself really good on old cobbled streets and Stan even slept in it which we weren’t expecting and isn’t the norm for him. The storage underneath is a really good size for such a compact pram and there’s even a zip-up compartment which was really nifty when out for a long day.




Because the Carrycot detaches (although you don’t need to take it off to fold the whole thing down which is pretty great) it worked really well for us as an option to have him up by the pool in. The fabric is UV 50+ protection which is a winner too.


You may already know that I’ve been back working here and there since quite early on after having Stan and that Dan, my mum and I have been juggling taking care of him. We thought this holiday would be a good time to teach Stan to nap on his own in a basket or carrycot and that we could transfer that skill to his co-sleeping pod when we got home.


As mentioned above, because of being premature Constantin has wanted to be held a lot, particularly for naps. Before the holiday he’d only nap on us (either lying on the sofa at home or in our bed) or in the sling safely against one of our chests but always with us walking – we could never stop walking! This was very sweet but after a while quite impractical and we could see that it was something that would need proper work to help him to learn to sleep on his own. And, very excitingly, on this holiday we cracked it. He’d sleep in our room in his basket or carrycot and even up by the pool with us. If you’d like to hear more about how we got him napping then keep your eyes open for a blog post and video coming soon on that (I have a book recommendation too). There’s so much to fill you in on that I can’t easily do that here. All that’s left to say really is a huge thank you to Baby Jogger for approaching me. The City Tour LUX has been a complete game changer for our family and couldn’t have come at a better time for us. We’re really looking forward to seeing Stan grow out of the Carrycot accessory and into the main seat of the pram – which can face both towards us and out to the street. It’s a wonderful pram that we can see will grow beautifully as Stan does. Thank you.









If you’d like to continue to stay up-to-date with Constantin’s development as well as my developing parenting skills! then do follow along on YouTube and Instagram. I’ve got plans for lots of videos coming soon (including a more detailed video on how the City Tour LUX folds and its features in my July Favourites) as well as videos on all of the things I wanted to know more about when I was pregnant and/or just starting out on the mum journey. Thanks for reading and speak soon. Lizzie x






3rd trimester favourites

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Okay, so I’m back with my 3rd trimester favourites! :) Sorry for the big gap. The baby came a whole month early which meant I didn’t manage to record the video for you before we were off to the hospital. After some time there, we arrived back home and have been focussing on learning how to be new parents. The good news though (as well as the fact that the baby is happy, healthy and here), is that this video is finally here too and that I’m back recording weekly videos. Have a watch below and keep your eyes open for next week’s video which is my birth story.


Thanks so much as always for reading and watching. I’d love it if you gave the video a thumbs up and/or subscribed to be sure you have next week’s video and all future videos, land in your YouTube feed. Hope you’re all really well and that you find this video and the links below helpful and/or interesting. It’s so nice to be back!



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baby boy clothes haul

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One of the absolute best bits about preparing for a baby is shopping for baby clothes! We have absolutely loved choosing clothes for our little boy and have found some absolute gems along the way, so I thought it was about time I shared some of them with you. As well as watching the YouTube video (of course), you can find links below for the items I show you so you can take a closer look at them and maybe even make a purchase, if you feel that way inclined. Do let me know of any baby clothes brands I should know about – we’ve still got room in the drawers for more baby clothes! Thanks as always for reading and watching. Hope you enjoy this Baby Boy Clothes Haul. Lizzie x



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baby gear haul

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Hello! I hope you’ve been enjoying my foray into YouTube :) This week’s instalment is all about baby gear. The bigger bits like the cot, pram etc etc that we’ve researched and chosen for baby Evans Gleadall. I’ve linked everything I talk about below so you can check bits out you might be interested in. Do leave comments either here or on the video itself if you have any advice or reviews of similar items so we can share the knowledge and the love and hopefully help a few peeps out! Thank you. Have lovely weeks and see you next Monday.


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2nd trimester update and favourites

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It’s time for my 2nd trimester update! :) Thank you so much to those of you who have gotten in touch about the 1st trimester video and for those of you giving the video a thumbs up and for subscribing. It feels a bit like the community that started building around the podcast all over again. So nice to hear from other design loving pregnant ladies and mamas as well as those who just love babies and enjoy hearing about the planning involved in getting ready for a little one.


Below you’ll see the link for video no. 2! Next weeks is going to be taking you through some of our bigger baby purchases such as the cot, pram, moses basket etc etc. So keep your eyes open for that. And please do feel free to comment below, on the YouTube video itself or message me through Instagram. It’s so nice to share with each other advice and top tips and generally support each other through the excitement and



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1st trimester update and favourites

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Hi gang! Hope all’s good with you!? I don’t know if you know but we’re having a baby! Exciting news :) At first I had no plans to share pregnancy or baby related content but I’ve been enjoying other new mum’s videos on YouTube so much that I’ve actually decided to get in on the action.


Don’t worry though – my instagram, websites and podcast aren’t about to get all baby-centric. So, if you currently check in with me every now and again for design led content and couldn’t give too hoots about the baby stuff, it’s all cool. The usual design led content will all still be coming. This is why I’ve decided to use YouTube to share this new kind of prego/baby content from me.


On the other hand, if you’re pregnant too, LOVE babies, or are just interested to hear about how I’m finding pregnancy, what I’ve been finding helpful to keep me going, what we’ve been buying to get ready for the baby and my plans as to how I’m going to juggle my ‘portfolio career’ when the baby turns up – then welcome! You can head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe for weekly/fortnightly videos.


 I’m really looking forward to sharing it all with you. Do leave a comment here or on the video if you’re pregnant or have kids and have any advice. I’m hoping this can become a bit of a space for design loving, creative parents. Thanks so much for ready/watching!

Lizzie x


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Lizzie’s London with Wizz magazine

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Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of working with Wizz Air and their magazine team on an article all about ‘My London’. I took the team around some of my favourite spots as a local Islington girl. Favourites included SMUG (no guesses there!), Ottolenghi, YMC, The Barbican Conservatory, Sir John Soane’s Museum, The Elk in the Woods and The Approach Gallery. You can read the full article here – ‘Wizz – Welcome to My London’


Take a look below for the cover as well as some of my favourite shots from the piece, taken by the wonderful Tim E White.











podcast episode no.11 season round up – how to curate your life

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Bonus episode anyone? I hope you don’t mind but it just felt right to do one last episode – a solo show – in order to round up season one. Have a listen below for my key takeaways from the series as well as news on season 2 and the best ways to stay in touch to keep our conversation going. Thank you as always for listening, sharing and reaching out to me to let me know what’s most resonated with you. Speak soon. Lizzie x



podcast episode no.10 with naomi mdudu – how to curate your life

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It’s very nearly time to wrap up season one of my podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’. We couldn’t go out with a better interview in my opinion. Naomi is hugely inspiring and is offering so much to creative entrepreneurs that I feel very happy to introduce you to her (if you don’t know her already). I really suggest you spend time reading her website ‘The Lifestyle Edit – Toolkit for Creative Working Women’, listening to her podcast and signing up to her amazingly insightful and generously personal newsletter also for creative entrepreneurs.


Of course I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank to Naomi and also to you guys. I had no idea when I originally set out to create this podcast, how many of you would not only end up listening and finding the content helpful and inspiring but also the number of you who would regularly get in touch to let me know that and share the podcast with your friends and followers. I am so grateful to you all. Thank you, thank you. I have felt so inspired myself by the process of bringing this podcast to you and the conversations we’ve had together. You can listen to this weeks episode to hear more about what’s next for me, the podcast and how we can continue to stay in touch and grow what we’ve built together until season two launches in the spring of 2018. The current plan is to record a solo episode to wrap the whole season up so do keep your eyes open for episode no.11 coming to you next week :) Until then, Lizzie





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podcast episode no.9 with liv purvis – how to curate your life

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Hello wonderful people! It’s time for episode no. 9 of my podcast ‘How to Curate Your Life – Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur’. This week’s guest is the gorgeous and lovely Liv Purvis. Liv’s blog and her youtube channel of the same name, are two of my fave places on the internet (and not just because she has occasionally mentioned me or SMUG :) – although I do rather enjoy that – thanks Liv!)


As well as everything she has to share about personal style, beauty, travel and more, Liv knows a thing or two about working for herself as she’s been doing it forever and is wise beyond her years. She’s an honest breath of fresh air and a rather fabulous person to spend an afternoon with. Thank you so much Liv for coming on the podcast and for always being so quick to say yes and/or try to help and be supportive. You’re an absolute peach!




We’ll have some more news to share on what Liv is up to and the exciting projects she has in store for the rest of the year and 2018 very soon. But for now, the episode can be found on iTunes, or you can scroll to the bottom of this post to have a listen right now. If you’d like to review the podcast on iTunes I would LOVE that and actually what I love even more, is when people get in touch to let me know what they thought of the episode – what was particularly helpful or interesting etc etc. So please leave a comment below or contact me via my instagram ifeelsmug.


Have wonderful weeks people. Thank you as always for listening and for your ongoing support. Speak soon! Lizzie x




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